Dear Brave, Amazing Clients


You are BEAUTIFUL!  In fact, you are stunning and incredible and lovely!

When we see ourselves every day, we forget to notice the amazing bits about us that make us ALL beautiful!  We are our own worst critics!

I’m here to tell you, my dear sweet clients… I don’t see what you see!  I don’t see the flaws that you find or the worries you might have!

What I see behind my lens is a brave, perfectly unique soul… someone beautiful and graceful!

Beauty is not about appearance.  It’s not about the clothes we wear, the make up we put on or how we style our hair!  It’s not about the setting or location where we shoot or the props we might carry with us.

The story you have lived makes you beautiful!  The moments you are breathing at this very moment make you special and wonderful!  The story that is being laid before you (with it’s ups and downs and bumps and twists) make you exciting!

It’s is my job as your photographer to make you feel all this!  It’s my job to make you forget about your worries and to see yourself as I see you, as the rest of the world sees you!

I want you to see your images and realize “wow… that’s me!”  I want you to see you for who you truly are with fresh eyes!

Your time with me should be fun and uplifting!

When you step in front of my camera:  please know that I don’t expect perfection!  No one is perfect!  What I expect is for you to let loose and forget about everything for just a moment and escape!

This is why I love my job!

Because as much as we beat ourselves down and strive for standards that are incredibly high… sometimes in a moment of fun we found ourselves again!  We find that who we are on the inside starts to reveal itself on the outside and we can begin to see what true beauty is!

So my dear clients:  when you show up for your session just let go and remember… you are amazing and beautiful and that is what the world sees!

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