Earth Day Bearth-Day! | Virginia Beach Cake Smash Photographer


I’ve never met anyone with piercing blue eyes quite like little Miss L!  She is GORGEOUS and sassy AND laid back-all at the same time!

She is a little ray of sunshine and her birthday happens to fall on the most perfect day to fit her fun and vibrant personality:  Earth Day!

Little Miss L and her beautiful momma came over on Sunday morning for a fun cake smash in honor of her Earth Day “Bearthday”! I absolutely adore cake smash sessions… they are incredibly fun and I love how no matter how the cake smash goes, it always ends in laughter!

My girls always tend to like the smashing a bit more than my boys do, it’s funny that way.  L was no exception!  She couldn’t wait to get on the backdrop and dig her hands into the cake!  We were sure she was going to be wild and crazy but she was just laid back about the whole thing!  She tasted and explored all while wiggling and dancing to the music in the background.  She offered up a taste or two to her momma who sitting close by but she was more focused and intent on studying the cake and feeling all the different textures!

At one point (and this was my favorite) she decided her foot was the best utensil she had!  What makes a better spoon than your toes?!  She would dip them in the icing and then use the spoon to eat the icing off!  And the best part:  she would wiggle and dance as she took a bite!

Our cake was demolished and she was covered in icing from head to toes which is the perfect way to end the smash!  Her tutu (which was created by Becki Gwin just for this occasion) was a perfection of glitter and glam and sprinkles and frosting!

Here are some of my favorites from our Earth Day Bearth-Day Smash!  Check out those gorgeous eyes and all of little L’s fun expressions!

A special thanks to all the vendors that contributed:

-Tutu:  Becki Gwin (contact me for her information.  She makes all kinds of tutu’s for everyone!)

-Cake:  Faith Gucwa

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