Hello Overhaul! And BRANDING DAY!


OMG!!! It’s almost 10:00 already and where is this time going?!

I dropped Linc off at his school this morning at 7:15 am (because he woke up early and asked me to go!)  He even asked me to spike his hair this morning and he picked out his own super cool duds this morning!

So I’m only now on my second cup of coffee (yea that’s sad because usually I’m done with number 2… I live on coffee right now with Hubs away).  I’ve been working on this huge overhaul and change of my business since Wednesday but started today the second I got home from dropping little man off!  I can’t believe it’s already almost 10!  WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?!

I’m super excited today!  It’s like a massive work day/morning because that’s all you get when your a momma to an active little boy and you are doing it alone for the time being!

But it’s a huge day of really revealing ME!  Tyler and I have worked so hard to put it all together and I’m excited and nervous at the same time to share with you!  I’m like BUSTING to share it even!

It’s like I’m 16 and on mtv for my coming out party… except not!  HAHA do you guys remember that show?!

So without further ado… Here is what we have worked sooo hard on!  Here is ME… my heart and soul represented in my brand!  Here is what Tyler has poured her heart into and her brilliant mind and artistic talents to create to show the world who I am and just what I share of myself in my business!  It was and still is a labor of love!  I can not begin to thank her enough for letting me share my quirky self and for actually “seeing” me and getting me enough to capture it in art to the point where it freaked me out some and knocked my socks off!


We worked with so many different elements and textures so check out the blog… haha you already have if you are reading this!! Check out the website too because Tyler created so many patterns and wonderful small details that just fit with who I am as a person and all the crazy things I do when I work with my families during my photo shoots!  She incorporated all the fun colors I love… to the patterns of bubbles and whimsy and light and polka dots!  From the first moment I met with her she just knew our textures were going to be warm, cozy, yet light sweater materials!  You know, the kind you want to just wrap yourself in and curl up with a good book with your children or lay on the beach and watch the sun go down! We talked about the way I love to play but yet I love my moments of quiet peace and coffee!

Here’s a peek at my entire branding board and all the the love that Tyler put into each piece.

You know this process has taught me so much about myself!  It’s taught me so much about the type of professional I am, the type of photographer I am, and the type of business I want to continue to run!

I am so thankful that Katelyn James told me that day to get my branding straight… because she was soo incredibly right!  This branding right here… right now is WHO I am!  It is totally me and when my clients see this they will absolutely take a piece of my heart with them as they browse my blog and my website.. whether they know it or not!  This branding right here, that Tyler so masterfully crafted, has done exactly what I needed (what Katelyn probably knew it would for me)!  It taught me and helped me to see that I AM a professional.. I am to be taken seriously and that I have something unique and lovely to offer my clients!  A piece of my heart and soul in each click of the camera!

Thank you for letting me share a piece of myself with you!

And Tyler… thank you for heart and your soul and how you pour yourself into each design and each person you meet!

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