Calling all families…



I have been wanting to put together a styled shoot FOREVER!

What IS a styled shoot you might ask?!  It’s where the session is prepared and planned in advanced from big details to small details hosting collaborating vendors!  It’s super exciting and super fun!

So instead of wanting and wishing and thinking about doing this… I’ve decided I’m actually GOING to do this!

So I need a family!!!

The details:

Willing to wear specific colors…

Hair and make up for mom

Details and set designed by an amazing multi talented genius

Yummy baked goods provided by a baking goddess

All images from the session in a beautiful PASS gallery for download with print release

Ideas from the family welcomed and appreciated (since this is also your session!)

*If you are interested, please send an e mail to letting me know why you would love to be a part of this adventure!

I am SO excited about this and can’t wait to work with you!

  1. Kimberly morlino says:

    Hey Brooke! I def would be interested in doing this with my family! We have not had family photos in years and love the idea you are doing! It’s hard with my hubby’s schedule but I would love to do this!!!

  2. Laura Dobbs says:

    Hey Brooke! Can’t believe how big your son is getting! I am no longer in the photog business (pursuing more in the field of art therapy now that my kids are bigger…what I went to school for). Anyway, I have been passing your name along to anyone who contacts me so hopefully you’re getting some business! I know I still owe you a photo shoot if you still want it! Or if you would rather me tag along one of your bigger shoots and be sort of a backup photographer or assistant if you need it, I’d be glad to do so! Just keep it in mind. I still have all my equipment. In any case…of course I would LOVE to do this cool photo shoot you want to do (and heck…I still have my wedding dress and trampoline idea, haha!)! Please consider my fam for your selection!
    Reasons to choose us:
    -My kids are super cute 🙂
    -My fam is super photogenic since I have forced them into posing for me so much over the years
    -I rarely ever get pics of me (you can understand as a fellow photographer)
    -we know how to have FUN!
    -I’ve never had my makeup professionally done!!!
    Loving your blog stuff! Congrats on the success of your business!

  3. Damien L. Burke says:

    I’m returning from a 9 month deployment this week, I’m interested in this opportunity. My wife and I have 4 children aged 1, 9, 14 and 17.


  4. Amie Ferguson says:

    We are DYING to do something like this!!! Such a neat experience! We haven’t really had family photos since Coop was 1 1/2!!!! I would love to do something like this before we move in June:) I would love to see your full creative talent let loose!

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