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Monday I did a post called Tea cups or Trucks… And I couldn’t be more excited for my girlfriend Angie!  She and her family are expecting another towards the end of summer and if this next babe is anything as wonderful as Hadley… well let’s just say cutest family ever!

Angie’s husband Tyler did the most adorable reveal of their pregnancy so we had to do something equally as fun for their gender reveal!

What started out as a fun gender reveal session, actually turned in to so much more (for me anyway!)  Sometimes sessions just do that and if your open enough to see the subtle moments and realize what’s going on… it’s pure magic!  It’s why I love photography so much.

Our fun and quirky gender reveal session actually turned out to be a super sweet Mommy and Me session!  As Hadley and her family prepare for their new little one, the time she gets to spend with her momma as the “the only baby” is becoming more and more precious (for Angie and Hadley).  Soon little Miss will have the responsibility of big sis and so these tender moments of sweet and silly one on one, well they make my heart burst!  I actually came home and got a little emotional myself, you see Hadley IS after all going to be my daughter in law!

So anyway, without any more babble… Is it a little sister or little brother for Hadley and her family?!

Tiara’s and dresses, bows and heels.. Hadley will have a sister and hopefully the same incredible bond as her momma does with her sisters!

While Hadley was snoozing, Angie and I indulged in some of her favorite cravings!  She’s created “FRY DAY Friday!”  And anyone that knows her well will have to agree it’s the most genius idea!

Hadley woke up and joined in our fun sharing some sweet treats along with this very sweet news!

I’m so excited for these 3 to become a 4 with another beautiful baby girl!  She is so blessed to be coming to a family as beautiful outside and in as yours!  Hadley will be an amazing big sister and Tyler is just the perfect daddy for two little beauties!

Love you guys!


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