A Few of My Favorite Things- and a give away!

November 1, 2013



It’s been a week (and I say that in a long drawn out LOW voice).  Linc’s getting I think every single molar and tooth possible.  He had immunizations this week PLUS he has a cold which is just crummy.  I say that but it also makes him super cuddly and that is totally ok in my book because it means I get extra cuddles and snuggles!

ANYWAY (that’s all totally off subject!) I’m so excited that it’s friday!  SO EXCITED that I thought I’d share some of the things that I’m loving right now and then…

host a GIVE AWAY of some of those little items!

So here are a  few of my favorite things:


#1.  Rosebud Salve:   I’ve been loving this stuff for a long time.  My mom introduced it to me when I was a teen and it’s AMAZING! If you have chapped lips… they are healed over night!  You have a rough patch of skin anywhere… put this on!  It’s magical!







#2.  Tazo Iced Passion Tea:  I used to drink Tazo Passion when I worked at the children’s hospital and I needed a little afternoon pick me up.  It smells divine!  Linc and I were in the grocery store the other day and discovered their iced version!  I’ve been having an afternoon iced pick me up ever since!  It gives me the energy for our afternoon dance party sessions!






#3.   My Ashton Keely Mix N Match Wrap Bracelets!  I LOVE these and since they’ve come into my life I haven’t gone a single day without wearing them!  For those that know me, I’m always wearing a leather wrap or cuff!  Ashton is local to my area and she is kind of incredible!  Her creations are nothing short of stunning and I find myself drooling over her instagram feed on a daily basis!  Check out her site to see a picture of these amazing beauties!












#4.  Wisps:  I am THAT girl!  The one that always has food stuck in her teeth.  No one ever tells me either!  I think it’s partly because my teeth are so close and tight together that no one can really tell; but I can tell!  So these little gems are always packed in my bag!  They are toothbrush and floss in one… GENIUS!










#5.  Love Does.  This book!!!  I just don’t even KNOW what to say!  It’s amazing beyond words.  GO BUY IT!  THE END! No seriously, it really is an incredible read.  It’s about Bob Goff and if you haven’t heard of him, you should want to know him.  It talks about how Love and Faith can really just do anything just about.  He is a wonderful man full of whimsy and charisma and really…. just go get it!


















#6.  My collection of Moleskine Journals:  They are strewn about ALL around the house!  They are in my office on my desk, they are in the kitchen, in my diaper bag, on my bedside table and even in my glove box in the car.  I always get the best ideas or feel the need to write at the most in-opportune times and the small pocket journals are the best for just those times!









#7.  Benefits Badgal Lash Mascara:  This stuff is amazing!  It’s like wearing false eye-lashes but not at all.  I am like a toddler with make-up!  I LOVE it but I have no idea what I’m doing with it.  In order to stay safe, I usually only wear mascara.  Sometimes, I can get away with putting a little bit of eyeliner on but that’s if I’m feeling a little daring!  Mascara is a pretty big deal to me and I’m always on the look out for a new find!  This stuff is the bomb!  It makes my eyes POP and I have lashes for days! Nuff said!










#8.  Yankee Candle Home Sweet Home!  This scent is absolutely home sweet home to me!  I wait all year until the appropriate time for me to start burning this scent!  It’s like all of the holidays melted and married in to one beautiful aroma.  Sometimes I get a bit crazy and will melt one tarte of this candle and one tarte of another like Farmers Market.  I especially like that combination around Thanksgiving.  But that’s only if I’m feeling a little nutty!










So those are just a few of my favorite things!  Now it’s down to the best part… the give away part!  

To Enter:

Leave a comment below detailing one of your favorite things right now!  I love hearing about new stuff that I can try!

***** EXTRA CREDIT POINTS  if you like Brooke Tucker Photography on facebook!  (If you like the page, then let me know in your comment!) *****


***** Just a small reminder, if you comment with a different name or email address than your previous comments, I have to approve them so they may not show up immediately.****


Contest winner will be announced on Monday morning!  I will also announce it on Facebook!

Good Luck and spread the word and the love!  Someone will be receiving a nice little care package of some of my favorite things from the list above!!!



  1. Brooke says:

    Hey Guys! To leave a comment just give me a good e mail address where I can contact you so if you win I can get in touch for info in order to send you your give away goodies!
    And don’t worry if your message doesn’t show up right away! Comments need to be approved by me if your a first time poster!

  2. Katie says:

    Some of my favorite things:
    1) Bag balm – originally made for dairy cows utters to prevent chapping and chafing – I use this stuff religiously on ripped calluses (keeps them from cracking while healing but still leaves you with callus that’s needed to prevent future rips) and also on crack burn from doing lots of situps on next to no padding (think rug burn but in a not so pleasant place…burns like crazy when you shower). Also, my dad swears by this stuff for new tattoos instead of A/D ointment.

    2) My electric blanket (it has the ability to turn on each half individually). Jeff got this for me before his last deployment. I’m ALWAYS freezing when I go to bed, especially in the winter. Usually he’s my heater, but when he’s gone, this works wonderfully! I crank that baby on high for about an hour before bed and then turn it all the way down for just enough residual heat throughout the night.

    3) My Farmers Market Yankee candle! SOOOOOOO fantastic!

    4) My Nalgene. I don’t go anywhere without it. They are practically indestructible.

    5) My florescent crazy socks (Under Armour makes solid ones, Reebok has stripes and fun patterns). I wear them to work (all business until you get to my socks!) and then don’t have to change for the gym. Who doesn’t like bright funky socks?!?!

    • says:

      I’ve heard of Bag Balm! I didn’t know about it working for tattoos though! Wish I had known 3 weeks ago!!!!

  3. Ashley S. says:

    Enjoy Life Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Gluten, Dairy, nut & Soy Free :: Love these right now because I am dairy free while breastfeeding. Totally was missing my daily chocolate fix and discovered these. A handful is heavenly every afternoon!!! 🙂

  4. Ashley S. says:

    PS – I like you on Facebook … and in real life! xoxo

  5. Brandi says:

    Ooh fun giveaway! Poor Linc, teething is the worst! He was the cutest little Max last night though! BK didn’t even get in her costume.

    My favorite things right now:
    -pumpkin flavored anything
    -polka dot kate spade planner
    -the Divergent book series. I’m finishing the last book now.

  6. Meredith Rafter says:

    A few of my favorite must haves (not just things):

    1. My camelbak water bottle – I have one and so does each of the boys. Must stay hydrated and what better way then a camelbak that we take everywhere.
    2. Envirosax – , reusable shopping bags. They roll up nice and neat weighing less than 2 oz and fit in any purse. These great bags can hold up to 40 pounds. If you feel they are getting dirty just toss them in the washer and dry with like clothes. I have a bunch of them because I do not like the plastic bags stores provide as I feel they are not giving back to the environment.
    3. Snack taxi reusable bags – great for snacks or sandwiches for that packed lunch.
    4. International delight coffee creamer – great for adding flavor to not just coffee but french toast.
    5. MY Bible – I am a bit of a collector of the word of God. I have several Bibles in several versions.
    6. Aroma Rice cooker/ steamer – best rice cooker ever. Has the option to do brown rice, which it cooks to perfection. Best part is it steams your vegetable for that nights dinner while making rice all in one pot. I have also made couscous, quinoa, and several other grains with it. This version has the option to simmer, similar to a crock pot without the high temperatures making it perfect for chili and dips at a party.
    7. Lastly but not least of my favorites – my nike running shoes. Every mom needs time alone to relax and running is my vice.
    8. Oh yea, and capstick!!

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