52 portraits: our moments…


I always talk about how it’s important to get yourself in the picture.  It doesn’t matter what you look like.  It doesn’t matter what type of picture it is, who is taking it or what the circumstances are… just get yourself in the picture.  The truth is, our children don’t care if our hair is done or our make up is on.  They don’t care if our clothes look nice or if we are still in PJ’s or yoga clothes.  They don’t care if we are back to birth weight or toned and in shape… they just want us there!~

It won’t matter years from now if we were in style or if we were completely outside the box of what is normal!  Years from now what will matter will be how our children remember that day as the picture shows it.  What will matter in the years to come will be how our children’s hand now resemble our own.  What will matter in a few years might be how our smile is just as big or how a dimple appears on the right side when we laugh…”just like dad”.

I say this because I so often don’t make it into pictures.  I”m usually behind the camera and I rarely step away to get in front!  I also say this because Tuck hates when the camera comes out!  He always moans and groans and makes the most awful faces!

But at the end of the day… all the moaning and groaning doesn’t matter!  These moments are important and so we document as much as we can.  Which is why this project is soo incredibly important.  It’s reminding me to not only take pictures just for me and just for my family.  But also to step in front of the camera so that Linc can look back one day and remember!

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