52 Portraits-Update


It’s time for a 52 portraits update!

YES… I have been keeping up with my portraits a week, although I know I have not been posting them at all.  I have completely failed at posting because I stopped at what, like week 3?!  Epic fail I know!

But seriously ya’ll life gets in the way!  Right?!  It sounds soo incredibly cliche to say but it’s the darn truth!

I feel like for a while there I had it, like really had it!  I got down with that whole balance thing!  (And that was said in my very best Urkle voice possible).  But then even saying that I feel is a bit of a joke.  It’s kind of a cocky thing to say!

This is totally just me in my state of jibber jabber but I feel like once you say to yourself “man, I really have this balance thing going for me”  it’s like God kind of chuckles to himself and then winks and says OK… let’s see!  Because honestly, it IS really cocky for us to say we have it down and under control.  We can’t really learn anything if we aren’t challenged!  And I think that is what God is doing when he chuckles at us and starts changing it up and throwing us stuff to shake up our balance act we think that we have under control:  to teach us and help us grow!

So basically that is what happened to me over here in my corner of the world!  I was thrown a few curve balls that completely threw off my balance and life just happened!

We had some craziness mixed in with some urgent and emergency (which was stressful… I’m not going to lie) mixed in with some awesomeness, thrown in with a bit of blow your mind kind of life!

BUT what I learned is that all of that stuff is life!  WHAT?!

I know… things just got real deep over here!  These crazed moments when my hair looks like I stuck my finger in the wall socket and I may or may not have my underwear on backwards and my little man is in fits of giggles spinning himself in circles holding on tight to a toy vacuum cleaner that is now his BFF are what make up my wonderful life… and truly it is absolutely wonderful! 

So those are the moments when I remember why the 52 portrait project is important!  Because life is crazy and messy and beautiful!  It is hectic and so incredibly fast paced that we have to stop for a moment sometimes to catch our breath and click a button on some camera some where!  That way we can go back and laugh at ourselves and find the joy and the peace and the happy!

So I leave you with a slice of my heaven…

It was our first Chili night of the season (and we think it was an obvious hit)

Model Faces… from daddy! And total cheese face…from mommy!


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