DANIELLE-virginia beach maternity photographer


  It was the most beautifuly day last Sunday!  One of those days where the weather was begging for a photo shoot!  It was nice and cool with that warm summer breeze that only comes around once in a while (usually before or after a big storm!)

Danielle was just glowing when I walked up to meet her in her unbelievable house situated right on the beach.  Now when I say right on the beach;  I mean right smack dab on the beach, like a foot away from the rolling waves!

This was a pretty big week and weekend for Danielle:  she just had her birthday, her hubby just got home from deployment AND she has started to show some signs of labor…. Eeeeeeeeee!!!!  

So the fact that the weather was dog gone breezy/heavenly degree perfection made me feel extremely blessed and happy!

We decided not to stray too far from her gorgeous home location and just traveled down the road a little to a nice secluded little area of the beach.

You know how some women are just meant to be pregnant?!  Danielle is one of those women!  She is stunning!  She still has tons of energy and just emits love and excitement!  She’s kind of wonderful to be around to put it simply.  

She and Mike are beyond excited to meet baby Benton and to open up their family to one more (Furry big brother Leroy is eagerly awaiting his little brother and playmate!)


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