52 portraits: Week 1


Remember last week when I talked about my portrait project?  52 portraits:  AT LEAST one portrait a week of my own family, my own life, my own “stuff”!

Well…. week one accomplished!  YEYAH!  (I know, week one…. wow!  It’s week 12-52 where it gets hard right?!)  Trust me though, getting week 1 done was a feat in itself!  We had a bunch of things going on this week including Tuck’s birthday and truthfully I was a little worried I would forget to pick up the camera.  Tuck hates, like loathes, being in front of the camera so I was pretty sure that on his birthday his request would be that the camera stay in it’s place on it’s shelf in my office.

Surprisingly though, he made no such plea and his requests for his birthday celebrations were to just hang out with us.  He kind of rocks like that.  We went on a nice family run and then after little man napped, Tuck thought it would be a lot of fun to head to the local petting farm across the street!

I love these two shots for many many many reasons but mostly because they are perfect snapshots of Linc’s sweet nature.  They represent this crazy stage we are in right now.

Linc is so busy all the time now!  He relishes his new found freedom in these walking feet of his and he tears off in his awkwardly clumsy walk/run whenever he can where-ever he can!  He is all boy… most of the time.  He is brave and carefree and he constantly tests the waters.

But every once in a while he needs a little reassuring.  Every once in a while he needs a little pep talk from one of us.  Sometimes he just needs a hand to hold or a brief hug (which is my favorite!)  We never know when these moments are coming… they just seem to happen in the blink of an eye and then just as quickly they pass.

That day at the petting zoo he was a bit shy around those goats.  He needed some encouragement and a little coaxing which lasted all of 10 seconds before he tore off chasing those goats and patting them (rather fiercely I hate to say!)

But what I love, is that I caught those 10 seconds of comfort!  I caught them and can make them last for hours if I choose!

I guess that’s the whole point of this project of mine:  capturing our moments that are so fleeting.  Getting those moments that may seem normal and even mundane and then realizing how truly special they are!

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