This time last year… (it wasn’t pee!)

July 5, 2013


I’ve been thinking all week, what was I doing at this exact moment last year?  Do you ever do that? Try to think back to what you were doing and how you were feeling?  If you have had a baby, I’m 99.9 % positive you have done that at least once since that baby was born!

I’ve been doing that a lot this week.  I keep trying to remember what I was doing and how I was feeling and what life was like before while we were eagerly anticipating little Linc.  When we had all the time in the world (to sleep, to eat, to go out just the two of us!)

But this time last year (this time meaning the Friday after the Fourth last year…. so really  7-6 but what’evs) I will never forget the series of events that took place!

This day last year… I had just resolved to breath.  We had a tough dr’s appointment the day prior and after a lot of wonderful conversations with friends I spent the day working (yes working on photography!) and drinking tea (red raspberry leaf tea for those pregnant momma’s out there!)

Husby and I decided to just kick back and relax and not to worry because well… the worry will come the second our son is born so let’s just relax today.  We decided to go on out to eat with friends of ours who were also pregnant… and due any minute!

Husby and I love thai food and thankfully our friends love it as well.  They had just moved back to the states from Japan so they were in need  of some really great food and Emily had been craving Thai food.  So we all decided to meet up at Tida Thai around 6 ish for a wonderful (relaxing) dinner and then possibly a date night out to the comedy club if all went well!  (Muah haha)

My girlfriend Emily’s due date was rapidly approaching so she had been chatting with her midwife tons and had a wealth of information!  So naturally us girls were chatting away about water breaking and labor and contractions while enjoying our papaya salad!  The boys were in and out of our conversation.  In all fairness, it is kind of gross when you really start getting into the nitty gritty details of childbirth~!

The boys had jumped in right about when were chatting about water breaking and I casually mentioned that I wonder what it would feel like… would you confuse it with pee?!  (I mean as a pregnant woman you pee a LOT especially in the last trimester and you just aren’t quite sure when or where it’s going to happen or even why… but pee just happens!)  Emily was laughing and said you definitely would know.

And then… as if right on cue… I peed (but not!)  I turned to husby and said um I think my water just broke!  He asked me “Do you think or do you know?!”

Honestly at that point… I wasn’t sure and we were waiting for our dessert so I said nah maybe not and we just kept chatting!  Emily’s husband laughed at me because he was sure I peed!

But about 5 minutes later… it happened again except this time I swear a water balloon fell out and burst in my pants!  I turned to husby and said ” We gotta go now… things just got REAL!”

Everyone was laughing… I was gushing and slightly panicking… how the heck am I going to get out of this restaurant.  We were seated directly in the MIDDLE of the entire restaurant (and it was crowded!)

I told husby he had to get up and walk directly behind me… like glued to my backside so no one would see but he was moving too slow!  He wanted to do the proper thing and wait for the check while I sat there basically wetting myself, the chair ,and the floor.

So I did what any normal person would do… I slowly got up and BOLTED like flash gordon for the door!

Emily came running out behind me and could hardly breath for laughing.  I asked her if you could tell and she said OH  YEA… your water totally broke!

Apparently it not only looked like I had peed my pants but I had left a puddle in the chair AND on the floor~  (possibly even a trail of water too, who knows!)

So as I sit here on my couch this morning, thinking back to this time last year ,I am thankful that it was my son who had to change his pants this morning because of pee and not me!

Just a little slice of the heaven that comes along with childbirth!

(And thanks little man for giving me a story I will always remember fondly… and for also letting me know very early on that you now hold the fate of the public’s perception of me in your tiny little hands!)

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