Link & Wink-Adventures and Unconditional Love


Did you ever have one of those toys?!  A lovie or a blanket or a book or something?  I can’t remember if I did but I tell you, I never thought we would over here.

In our house we do a LOT of smashing… and banging and rough housing!  I could buy a handful of new and exciting toys along with a .99 cent ball.  Toys will stay wrapped and zip tied while the ball gets tossed and thrown and kicked all over the house.  FOR DAYS!

We are all boy… moving as fast as possible from one thing to another as busy as can be. We live each moment as they come with no attachments, except for Wink!

Wink is our BFF and every day he teaches us about true unconditional love!  Think velveteen rabbit!  (I know you read it!  I cried, and still do when I think about it.  It just pulls at my heart).

I bought Wink on a whim.  I saw him and liked how unique he was.  I like that he was soft and kind.  I liked his little hair and long limbs!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t love at first sight… it wasn’t even really like.  Wink just kind of hung around for the first few weeks.  He admired Link from a far, hoping to be a part of our Hulk Smash and Bam Bam adventures.  But he was always just an outsider.  We tried to force a bond, bringing Wink in the car but he was always just another one of “those” toys.

Until one day it just all changed!

Sleep training opened Link’s little boy eyes and heart to this sweet and cuddly little owl.  He was there for Link.  He understood!  He could take the beatings and the tears and the tantrums.  He would always still come back for hugs no matter what!  He was a true wing owl.

Wink is now a part of almost all of our adventures.

He is the source of ground and pound.  He is the victim of Hulk Smash on an hourly basis.  He plays endless peek a boo and is the scout when mommy isn’t visible!  He soars over the couch, the stairwell, the kitchen counter looking for danger or adventure.

Wink is there when the tantrums arise, providing a sprinkle of hair to suck on in comfort.  He’s there for a face smashing as Link tells him about all the injustice of not being able to play by the mantle or pull apart the direct TV box.

Wink is the bed time hero often being sacrificed over the crib rails… kamikaze-d into the darkness in hopes that a rescue team will burst through the door.  And somehow, magically, Wink always finds his way back into the crib for a snuggle and the two of them wait it out until morning light!

Wink just gets it.  He understands!

And we are super grateful for him over here!

Our little man turns 1 this Sunday (WHAT?!) and husby and I laugh at how much comfort Wink has provided the three of us!

Wink is a part of almost all of our adventures…. including cake smash!  Here’s a preview of our little man’s 1 year shoot and smash (the thing he does best).  And right beside our little boy, his faithful BFF Wink!


  1. Ashley says:

    Sweetest post ever. I love Link and Wink! We have a similar friend… Cyrus the Crocodile. We were sure he would be a life long favorite … so we bought 3! Haha, Alekzander tolerates him and he has been on quite a few boy adventures and recently made it into our second set of family pictures, but it is not quite the obsession we envisioned. Cyrus 2.0 was given as a birthday present to another friend and Cyrus 3.0 sits patiently in Anderson’s room … ready for a new BFF!

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