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Happy Monday Friends!!! When we moved to celebration, we never anticipated the true gem we had found in this little town!!!  I love my hometown of Virginia Beach, but the more and more days and months we spend living here;  the more we find that this little town in Orlando, Florida is claiming our hearts […]

The Force comes out on Halloween| In so many more ways that just costumes!

Real Is Better Than Perfect Series

The Force comes out on Halloween, Orlando Children and Family Photographer Brooke Tucker

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Happy New Year my friends!  Did you all have a wonderful holiday season?! Our little family slowed thing down over here and it was marvelous!  We took a break from working, from social media (I mean as much as you can really, my instagram was still firing away of course) and from blogging!  We decided […]

Happy New Year My Friends!!!


365 photography challenge, black and white by brooke tucker photography