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Happy Summer everyone! Gosh we are in the thick of it, yea?! Why is it that summer always feels like it takes FOREVER to get here and yet in the blink of an eye we are already in July?! I mean honestly, where do the days even go?! I can tell you where my days […]

Watching Our Children Grow

For Moms

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Happy Monday Friends! I fee like I’m forever writing this same sentence over and over again but here we are…. it’s been a while! Blogging is sort of a hard “thing” for me and I call it a “thing” because I feel like if done correctly it should feel like a living, breathing thing! I […]

Back in the Swing of Things!


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Why do you take pictures?  I really want to know (insert your answer right here?!)  Gosh I wish you could!  I wish you could say it out loud and I could hear it!  I wish I could sit down with you and meet you for coffee and have this conversation with you!  A coke would […]

Why do YOU take pictures?


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