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Motherhood… It’s a word that is hard to describe because it if you think you have it, the tides change and what you thought was your routine, your description, your concept, it slips out of your grasp and turns you upside down.  In fact, I think that’s the whole crux of parenting!  You never can […]

A “Yes” Night

Real Is Better Than Perfect Series

beautiful back bay golden hour children's photography by brooke tucker photographer

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They’ve known each other since they were teenagers!  They’ve spent 13 years together as a couple and are just celebrating their 7th year of marriage! It’s truly an incredible thing these days… to not only spend this much time loving one person but to love them MORE than you did 13 years ago, to be […]

Lisa & Austin- 7 years together | Back Bay Trash The Dress

Wedded Ones

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Every girl has said this at least once in her life… what should I wear?! Or how about… I have nothing to wear?! What about this one… What should I pack?! Do any of these sound familiar?  They sound extremely familiar to me right now and not just as a photographer but this time as someone that’s going beyond […]

In the Bag: How to prepare for your family session