What to Expect: Fall Mini Sessions

February 28, 2023


Tis the season right now for family photos whether you get them done annually for your family Holiday card or you just love to have them each year to document how your family has changed and grown! This is also the season where everyone is crazy busy.

I don’t know about you but we’ve entered the season of what I like to call “the taxi cab driver”. Long gone are the days where we have ample time on our hands to hang out together and just relax. Whether you are like me and my family where we are driving around from sport to activity; or your working and chasing a busy toddler around while trying to soak up any amount of sunshine that might be left outside! All of our days are just plain FULL lately.

This is where the Fall mini session comes in and is the perfect way for busy families to squeeze in family photos between all the different activities and demands! It’s a TASTE of a full session and trust me, not all mini sessions are created equal. You need to find the mini session that fits what you want with the photographer you want!


A mini session is a quick session with lots of moving parts! You want to make sure you have a photographer that you trust completely! A photographer that understands the types of images you want, that you and your children are comfortable with, that will take time BEFORE the session to build that trust so that on the day of your session you can spend that time enjoying your family! This is why before we even get to our location, you and I will basically become best friends! I make sure to get to know your family and the magic of your family before the day of our session. I want you and your littles to be excited to come see me and trust that I will do my best to capture how YOU are unique and special! I do this by taking the time to get to know you through our phone calls and e mails and questionnaires! This way when it’s time for us to have our mini session, it feels more like a night out than a photography session. It’s also how I’m able to capture such special moments in a quick amount of time!


I love living in Virginia Beach! It offers so many different locations depending on what your family vibe might be. Maybe last year you went down to the beach and this year you want more fall colors. Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Virginia Beach has so many wonderful spots that offer different looks depending on what you are looking for. The other nice part about these different locations, depending on the weather (which we all know can be crazy over here) some locations provide more shelter from the wind. Other areas might provide more light on a cloudy day! No matter what mother nature might throw our way, I have you covered! This is why I block off dates especially for you if it rains or if mother nature decides to throw something crazy our way. It’s also why I work with you to create a style board specifically for your family that has layers upon layers so we can prepare for the crazy temperatures that seem to go up and down this time of year!


One big difference between mini session and full sessions is the time. A mini session is a quick, fast paced session designed to get the images you want without having to spend an hour and half in front of the camera! This is fantastic if you are a busy family trying to go from activity to activity and make it home in time for homework or just try to salvage some weekend time together over a family dinner. It’s also especially great for family’s that have really little ones who don’t quite have the stamina for those longer sessions. One thing that I offer my clients is that once they book with me that date is completely their’s without any other clients before or after!


If you’ve read this far, it’s for sure time to book! Don’t wait another second! YES, THERE IS STILL TIME! I believe that every family has their own special magic and I can not WAIT to capture yours! I believe in belly laughs and bear hugs! I believe in play and real and raw and tender moments. I believe it’s the small moments that might go unnoticed that are beautiful and tell your story! I’ve been blessed to photograph families for over 12 years and it’s my hope that I can create a space for you to show up to your session without a care in the world and just be able to play with your family!

Let me help you document these moments with your family, fill out the form and let’s start planning your BEST mini session today!

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