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February 28, 2023


There is a famous quote… it’s even on my website. I believe it’s that important. I believe it speaks directly to all of us mom’s out there:

” One day, all your children will have is pictures of you. Make sure you’re in them. No matter what your hair looks like, your make up or your body, they won’t care about any of that. They’ll just want to see you.” Anonymous

Sometimes I have to read that twice, and then let the power of the words soak in. The words like “all my children will have left of me is the pictures that I am in” (cue the sharp breath in). It doesn’t matter to them what I look like: if my hair is wild and crazy, or my face is bare without a stitch of make up or I’m wearing my pajamas or dressed up in a fancy dress. They love me unconditionally just as I love them.

That’s when I let a deep breath out.

All they want, or rather, all they will want, is to have proof that I was there! I was in their lives. That I was with them, playing and laughing and making those precious memories alongside of them.

THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO! I want to show up and get proof of mom! I want each member of the family to be present and creating memories in the photos I capture! I want them to be real and candid and I want to capture the FUN of how your family plays and loves each day. That way when your children look back on their lives they can see everyone!

But and this is a big but… can I be honest with you?

I’m the WORST at this too! You aren’t alone my friend!

I think as mom’s we tend to feel safe behind the camera rather in front. We LIKE to be the selected memory keepers of our family so we CHOOSE to be behind the lens, camera, or phone always taking the photos.

It’s not called proof of mom for nothing! So many of us rarely step in front of the camera. We’ve become MIA. We have gorgeous photos of our children all on our computers and our phones. We have fantastic photos of our partners and husbands with our kids!

Heck.. there are even memes going around about how when we pass our cameras and phones off to our loved ones how the pictures of mom and the kids are just down right awful and hysterical!

I was checking out some of my friends facebook images the other day (I know creepy right…) but I noticed a huge theme. I didn’t see ANY pictures of any of my friends other than profile picture. Then I checked out mine, kind of the same thing.

It’s a trend that is happening. We are busy! We are doing all the things. We are the ones taking the photos! Trust me, I am with you. I am 40 now… things have changed (hahah). I don’t have loads of time to myself where I can workout! I’m now my sons taxi driver all over to sports and play dates. I look different. Gosh, I feel different. When was the last time I even had time to get my hair done and my grey’s colored?! When did I get grey hair even?!

But read that quote again friend. We need to start getting in the pictures! You and me!

We need proof of mom!

We need to stop worrying so much about how we look or feel in the moment and realize that just as we love our children unconditionally, they love (and will always) love us.

It won’t matter to them years from now, when we are gone, if our hair was perfect. Heck my hair is always in a high pony! I’m sure Linc will want to see pictures of me that way because that’s who I am. I just can’t help it. That’s what he will remember. I never wear makeup, so I need to remember to pop in a photo every now and again that way because that’s who I am in every day real life. We have family photos that we’ve taken over the years and I love them, but I’m wearing make up, I need to remember to snap some of just me and him.

Snap a selfie, ask a friend to grab a photo, be brave and ask a stranger! Just make sure every now and again you get in the photo yourself and show proof of mom!

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” Marc Riboud

Let’s show our kiddos we savor life with them! Every single second of life with them. Perfect and every day normal life.

Need help? Schedule a family session! Let me take your hand and help you!

It’s amazing to have family portraits done and this is my favorite way to get started showing proof of mom. This is the way you can have your cake and eat it too so to speak!

Let me help you get your proof of mom friend!

I can help you feel fantastic and comfortable being in front of the camera while also being present in the moment with your family.

Trust me, you won’t even feel like you are at a photography session and bonus… you’ll be in every single photo!

What are you waiting for?!

Time waits for no one~!

Let’s do it together!

Right now, I’m offering Limited Edition Sea Salt Mini Sessions! If you think you might be interested in GETTING IN THE PICTURES… in showing up… click this link and let’s get started!


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