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Finding the joy in everyday tasks

February 23, 2018

Finding the joy in every day tasks


I recently learned while editing that I appreciate it more, I take better care of my client’s MORE, I find I love my images MORE when I actually take the time to practice joy and more importantly gratitude when I edit.

AND (more importantly) when I do the every day tasks of my life.

I have found that when I SLOW down… and not try to rush through the tasks that I might want to hurry up and get done… I find that I take more joy and pride in what I’m doing.  They become more than just chores, household tasks, things that “need to be done” and I see them more as ways that I am blessed to take care of the people I love. I find that instead of just HAVING to do these things, I realize that these are ways I GET to do these things as ways to serve those I love!  Notice that vocabulary change… have to is replaced by GET TO and that is HUGE!  (trust me, try it!)

I enjoy all the little things… for example when editing images from client sessions I tend to really see the small details in each person that sometimes might be missed.  I get to see the beautiful and wonderfully unique freckles.  I see the catch lights in their eyes and all the memories that they might hold.  I start to see the generational qualities that they might share between mother and child!  I see the stories that might make up who they are and the dreams that they have.

When I’m at home and I’m in my cherished role as mom and wife,  a sink full of dirty dishes (or a never ending pile of laundry) might be overwhelming at first and oh my gosh so bothersome and annoying.  I might attack it with a sense of, seriously not again why am I the only one putting the dishes away out of the dishwasher and back in again.  But once I slow down and really think about what I’m doing with the intent of joy and gratitude, I think about all the nourishment that was once on those dirty dishes.  The meals provided for my family and the conversations had at the table over those meals on these dirty dishes.  I think about the laughs shared and the memories made.  I think about the love poured into the food preparation and the bellies filled at night when everyone laid their heads on the pillows.

It only takes a small mind shift to change an every day task into something that is filled with LOVE!

It takes practice.  It takes intention ya’ll but the benefits are amazing.

I recently read in a bunch of books that I have been able to check off my list that “It’s impossible to feel stressed when your feeling blessed!”.  There is so much stress going around these days.  We have stress in abundance and actually I think it’s fair to say we live in a world where “stress” is looked at as a status symbol.  The more stress you have the more productive, successful, wealthier, you fill in the blank here… you MUST be!  You MUST be living the life because your so important and so stressed!

But let’s take a deep look into our hearts… do YOU like feeling stressed?  Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies!  It’s a slow killer folks. Stress equals MESS!

This year has given me the gift of transformation.  Something in me has shifted and I have decided NO MORE STRESS.  So, how do I stop being stressed?!  MORE Blessings, more joy, more gratitude!  I’ve learned to apply that into my life and whenever I start to feel those overwhelming thoughts of negativity and rush and stress, I take a deep breath and start to recognize my blessings. I try to find the joy in what I’m doing no matter what it is!

This has allowed me to be a better and more peaceful mother.  It’s allowed me to be more present with my clients and serve them with my whole heart!  It’s allowed me the greatest gift for myself which is slowing down my life and enjoying every second!  I get to pay attention to the moments around me and for once in my 30 some years practice providing LIFE GIVING spaces for those that I love.

Are you finding yourself more stressed than usual?!

Are you finding yourself trying to rush through your life?!

I hope… nope, I PRAY that you take a moment RIGHT NOW to just STOP!  BREATHE!  And find the joy, find the love, find the blessing in whatever it is you are doing!  It’s there!  And when you can do it once… you can do it twice.  Two times leads to three and before you know it, you are doing it whenever you feel those stress feelings coming on!  No more stress friends, more blessings!  More LIFE.  More loving and more serving!

Finding the joy in every day tasks



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