A Morning Routine for Inspired Mamas!

January 8, 2018


OH MY GOODNESS YA’LL I can not say enough great things about what I am about to let you in on!  I feel like it’s the best kept secret in the world, except it’s totally NOT a secret!  There are tons, millions of people, that are enjoying this routine RIGHT NOW and they are living their dreams because of it!

In fact, it’s a MIRACLE ya’ll and it’s been a miracle in my life which is why it’s perfectly called The Miracle Morning!  

I know I probably sound like I’m just blowing smoke right now, but there is a whole community that backs the Miracle Morning that will speak otherwise and Mom’s…. this book is LIFE GIVING or at least if you are anything like me, it’s life changing!

I heard about this from my friend Alli (you can totally meet Alli here, she’s kind of amazing herself!) She happened to mention something in passing one day when I was hanging out over her house about her “miracle morning” and how she missed it that day and I was had this head tilt moment of wonder… what in the world could she be talking about.  She had mentioned something about how it gave her time to read, journal for her son Camden and then spend some time reading some scripture or pray.  I had a moment of clarity and thought that was pretty amazing and it was absolutely something I would like to implement in my own life.  I also thought she had totally made it up herself only to learn that nope, it’s an actual BOOK!

The Miracle Morning:  The Not So Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life (By 8am)

If you are looking for a book that’s a quick read and lives up to it’s title, this is your book!!

If you are anything like me:  a mama who wants so much to take care of her family heart and soul but also wants to spend time taking care of herself and growing personally and also has some pretty BIG GOALS to accomplish in the meantime THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

I struggle ya’ll!  I feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day and I have a difficult time finding balance in my life.  To be perfectly honest and lay my heart out on the line, I always feel like there is a hug tug of war going on between being a mom and the being the absolute best mom and wife that I can be and I mean all in and yet at the same time being able to be a great business woman for my photography clients.  I just feel like sometimes one or the other or both get the short end of the stick and I just can’t give the attention they both deserve at the same time.  It breaks my heart and I feel discouraged.  I also feel like I’m running a race I just can’t win.  I find myself exhausted at the end of the day and that leaves my creative well empty.  I don’t have the motivation at the end of the day to do what I love to do to fill cup like read, or write or work on personal development as much as I would like to.

Do you feel the same sometimes?

I decided to download this book onto my Kindle when we made the drive home to Virginia Beach and let me just tell you, I read the whole book in under 2 days!  It’s that easy of a read! I even re-read everything I highlighted and took notes on some of the statistics because they were that powerful!

This book teaches you how to use a routine S-A-V-E-R-S for short, to start changing your life and in my case, give you time and energy back into your day!  

Here’s just a quick little preview for you:

The Miracle Morning teaches you that you can achieve anything you want as long as you put in the work required and that work begins and ends with personal develop!  You can’t move forward unless you do the work on yourself.  How can you do the work on yourself if you can’t make time for it?  Right?!  This routine helps you CREATE the time by giving suggesting you wake up an hour early than you normally do or before anyone else in your house and preform 6 tasks to jump start your morning.

Those 6 tasks are the SAVERS

S-silence or meditation  A-affirmations V-Visualizations E-Exercise R-Reading  S-Scribing or Journaling!

The best part about the Miracle Morning and the Savers is that you can make them work for you!

I’ve been doing this for a little bit of time now and I can tell you it feels amazing to accomplish those 6 savers!  It actually lights me up and fuels me for my day!  It brings me a sense of peace and light and gratitude that motivates me and helps me continue through my day with joy and focus!

Now I have Linc so somedays I wake up early and I get to accomplish all 6 SAVERS and that is a blessing!  Other days I might get to accomplish SAVRS and save my exercising for after I drop him off at school.  Sometimes I don’t even get to my SAVERS until after I drop him off.  You just make it work for you and however much you can.  The book describes how to do the SAVERS in 6 minutes if you are totally pressed for time.  It’s all about just making it happen and carving out time and a space for yourself.

I feel like as a mom especially, this is something we desperately need.  We are always so focused on taking care of others and the chaos of the day that we hardly ever stop to take a breath.  If we do get a rare moment to ourselves, more often than not, we tend to fill it with another chore or task because we aren’t used to just sitting and doing something just for ourselves!

Taking even 6 minutes out of the morning or the afternoon to follow a quick routine like these SAVERS has given me a gift that I am extremely grateful for.  It’s given me a chance to practice gratitude!  That’s what I do when I scribe or journal.  Some mornings I write down 10 things I’m grateful for at this moment and at this time.  Other mornings I journal for Linc or work on our family albums which I have neglected since Linc was 3!

Miracle mornings have given me a chance to read for myself and already I have read 3 books this year (yes in 2018) and that’s probably more than I read all last year because I always tried to read at night and was too tired.

These SAVERS have given me a chance to learn to be still with myself and learn to just breathe, which has allowed me a chance to practice that in my other areas of life.  Hello patience!!

These are all things that as mothers we need, we crave and we want for ourselves and our family too.  These are pieces of our legacy if we allow them to be!  This is time well spent!

If you are like me, you will love this book and I hope that you spend a few moments checking it out!

Maybe it will change your mornings like it has changed mine!  Maybe it will give you a chance to create things for your family, a legacy like it has mine.

Maybe it give you the energy back like it did for me to go about your day with intent and purpose and joy!

Let me know if you decide to take up with Miracle Mornings!!!



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