My love you shine so bright | This is the Brickners


It’s Thanksgiving week and for me that means celebrating family and being grateful for all that FAMILY brings into our lives.  All the joy and laughter and love, and yes even the crazy, and chaos and sometimes frustration!

Now I love ALL the families that I have been so incredibly blessed to have enter my life through photography. I mean ya’ll… I don’t know how I keep getting these truly amazing families that soon after become some of my best friends.  And I don’t know what I did right in this life or another, but I thank God every day.  I am truly thankful for YOU because you keep me sane through this family and mom life!

But ya’ll… there is one family that I especially am thankful for and look up for there JOY and their heart and their free spirit amidst all the wild and crazy of parenting!

So in honor of all thanksgiving and family… I wanted to share with you what I see all time behind the scenes….

This is the Brickner’s….   TURN THAT VOLUME UP YA’LL!



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