Magic Mondays Coming | New Series!


I am so excited to start this new series with ya’ll! We get e mails all the time asking about Disney:  where to go, what to do and anything else helpful!  We also have learned so much from our friends that have lived here and experienced Disney and so I can honestly say that I wouldn’t feel like I could share anything without their help and their knowledge!   THANK YOU to all of our friends that have shared all their tricks and hard earned life experiences.  Living at Disney is not always easy and growing up at Disney sometimes means tantrums and walk outs!!  (Trust me, we’ve been there… Linc cried, I cried… we all fell out.)

We have also learned so much from all of our friends that work at Disney and we are so blessed and grateful for their insider information!  We have learned so much from so many people and it has made our own experiences at Disney so much more amazing and magical that we felt we just HAD to share them with you guys so that you too could enjoy Disney as much as we do and more importantly, the way that way do!  We are incredibly blessed and we don’t forget that for one second!

Disney is absolutely magical and it truly doesn’t matter how old you are;  it never loses that magic!  I don’t care how many times you visit Disney either, every time I see Cinderella Castle or Tinkerbell or smell the enchanting smells inside the Magic Kingdom, I still feel all the feels!

However, sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially when you are first planning your trip and you are planning it with little ones!  There is an incredible amount of information out there and there is also an incredible amount of Disney to take on!  It’s soooo magical with so many options and magical experiences that it can make your head spin when you try to even think about it all!  So here’s where this little Magical Monday Series of ours comes in!

We wanted to put together something for you to help you navigate all the magic from our own perspective:  Disney with a little one from someone who lives here with all the tricks and tips we’ve learned and are still learning! We wanted to include all the wonderful experiences we’ve had that we think you should consider, all the hidden treasures we’ve found, all the mistakes we’ve made that you might want to avoid, as well as some advice that we wish someone would have told us!

We are still learning and that’s one of the most important things that I want you to know as we go along on this journey.!  It’s also one of the best parts about this series!  You and I get to do this together!  

Disney is always more fun when we do it with friends, so let’s gather the troops and start our adventure!

But on Monday!


Our Magical Mondays will begin on the first Monday of every month and THIS Monday I will kick it off by sharing 5 things you need to hear before planning your trip!  

Are you ready?!!!  I can’t wait ya’ll

As Mickey would say… CHEERS!

Magical Mondays- Disney with little ones

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