After 6 Years of Marriage…


After 6 years of marriage A LOT changes!  We no longer worry about the small stuff and by that I mean I no longer worry about using the bathroom in front of him! 🙂  😉 😉  You see I truly used to worry about that!  In fact, I have to tell you a funny story… I worried so much about that in the beginning that Tuck threatened to take all the doors off the hinges the day we got back from our honeymoon!  He’s a big believer in the couple that has no barriers stays together!

Tuck has always been the one in all of our six years together to break down walls and barriers!  He’s always been the solid one where I have always been the dreamer and the one who feels we should be enjoying sushi dates and picnic dinners on the floor!  This is why we work though because while he’s the one that has his feet so solidly on the ground it allows me to bring in the crazy fun and sometimes the bit that isn’t so realistic!  Now don’t get me wrong… he’s nuts as well!  He has the craziest dance moves and often can be heard singing loudly with much bravado to Linc’s dismay!  I’m also sure that when Linc’s a teen, daddy will be the one that is causing all the embarrassing scenes (and I will live for those days!)

This is what marriage is though!  Sometimes I think we tend to get marriage all wrong and I’m not sure photography helps all that much.  Now trust me… I love love LOVE all the wedding images, especially the dreamy romantic portrait images and I wish that I had prioritized them more on the day of my own wedding, but truth be told it was windy and I was a baby and cold.  I also knew I had a trash the dress the next day!  I love those romantic images and they totally filled our house for the longest time!  But after six years of marriage to my true best friend, I do believe that we get marriage a bit mixed up!  It’s not easy!  It’s not all nuzzles and kisses and romantic walks in fields of green grass with sunsets and golden hours.  In fact, that golden hour sets and the real world comes fast and hard… it especially did for us and we have had it really easy compared to a lot of people!   We learned that you have to make your own golden hours and find your grassy fields and figure out how to navigate through some of the rain storms to find that peaceful place where you can sit and have your dinner picnic!

After six years of marriage, I’ve learned that marrying someone who makes you laugh is one of the best gifts I could have ever been given!  I’ve learned that laughter can heal anything in the world! I’ve learned that someone who is willing to take doors of the hinges is willing to take on any problem in life!  After six years of marriage I’ve learned that having an argument is sometimes the best way to get through to the laughter (and trust me we’ve had some arguments… mostly about legos on the floor… damn those things hurt and what’s for dinner).  After six years of marriage I’ve learned to respect his scrooge like ways and to appreciate his ability to plan for the future!  He’s learned to appreciate my excitability and my “family first can’t take it with you” approach to life.  We’ve learned together how amazingly we balance each other out!

After six years of marriage we have learned we always need poo-pouri in our house! 😉

After six years of marriage we have learned to set aside time for each other and what that means in terms of each other’s “love language”!

That’s important!

So here’s to another sixty more years my best friend!!!

We were such babies in theses images!  It makes me giggle!  Thank you Andi and Zoe grant for capturing these!!!



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