Real Is Better Than Perfect Series

The Monday Mix-ups

September 19, 2016


It’s afternoon already and I would love to say I had really cool blog post to share with you this beautiful Florida Monday… but I don’t!

It’s Monday… and I woke up with a case OF the Mondays!

Hi Friends… I’m Brooke Tucker and I woke up with with the Monday morning mix-ups, hang-ups, flusters and scrambles!~

I know we have all been there… but admitting it to the world is something we often don’t do, especially if we are running a small business that lives in the eye of social media!

You see this is how it went for us this morning:

We had a terrible storm here last night!  It’s probably the worst one I’ve ever experienced in my life and that’s not really saying much because I’m terrified of thunder in lighting in general.  However, from what I gather from my friends here, this one was pretty awful.  It shook our house.  It rocked me to the core.  It struck a car and I thought it was my car until an hour ago when I told Linc to wait on the porch and I tentatively touched the car at certain points with a stick at first and then my hand waiting to be electrocuted.  Yes.. that really happened and I’m sure some of my neighbors were laughing at me from inside their homes!

All the while this storm was raging and I was shaking in my bed, Linc was snoring peacefully beside me (little you know what!)

We woke up later than usual, so that means that not only did I not sleep well, but I woke up late and that triggered a headache.  Linc complained about the sun, which is hysterical (if you follow me on instagram you can check out my insta-story for a laugh there).

I actually poured beef broth in my coffee thinking it was almond milk AND even took a sip before I realized my mistake!  THAT’s one for the books ya’ll!

BUT aside from all these little “events” which are funny now… I have to give myself some grace!

It’s easy for us as mother’s to beat ourselves up!  It’s easy for us as mother’s to want to hide all these negative bits…. like the fact that this morning Linc was a little more tired and cranky/whiny than usual!  I was more cranky and tired than usual and so those two combined means I had a harder time as a mama this morning than usual.  I lost my patience.  I cringed at all the why questions he likes to ask right now instead of viewing them as a fun opportunity to learn.  I may have snapped after hearing mom for the 100th time.

Instead of beating myself UP like we all do, I decided to embrace this time and give myself a little break!

You see… as a mama and someone who shares my world and my heart on social media (this world and belief that real is better than perfect) I have to believe that ALL of us have these moments.  We just don’t like to share them as much because we fear being judged.  We just don’t share because people would rather follow pretty, happy and cheery.

I too want to follow pretty, happy and cheery!

But here’s the thing friends:  pretty, happy and cheery can sometimes make us feel pretty worried about our lives when we DO have these very real moments!  They makes us feel alone and isolated and guess what ya’ll that is SOO not the case.

These “real” moments happen more often than those perfectly curated ones and so that’s why I share my Monday morning mix-up today!

I want you to know that hey… I have these moments A LOT and guess what… I’m still a freaking awesome mama!

I may be overwhelmed some days… and that’s OK.

I may feel exhausted and tired… and that’s OK.  Motherhood requires so incredibly much from us!  It’s an incredibly big and important job!

I may feel flustered and mixed up sometimes, but that’s why we give ourselves grace!

I may lose my patience sometimes but that doesn’t mean that I’m not an amazing mother for my son!


And so you my friend… I want you to remember that no matter what you too are an amazing mother!  Whether it’s one of those perfectly happy and cheery days or it’s one of these days like I’m having today;  as long as you are loving your children… you are still an incredible mama!


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