Balance isn’t something you just find…

September 15, 2016

How to Find Balance as a mother and a business owner


I remember reading this on an instagram post!   You know, one of those beautifully styled hand lettered and so clean and perfect text images; I just adore those and I’m not afraid to admit it!  It read: Balance isn’t something you find, it’s something you create.

Sadly, I can’t remember who posted it right now, and I can’t remember who even created it, otherwise I would give them credit!  It’s the perfect statement!  I wish I had saved it or kept a screen shot of it!  I probably would have if I hadn’t been so exhausted or been scrolling through quickly with mind on a million other errands, tasks that needed to be done and dinner cooking while my minion played “don’t touch the hot lava” while simultaneously jumping all over me!  But let’s be absolutely honest with ourselves:  as mother’s that’s how we roll!  All.  The.  Time!  Especially if we are mother’s AND business owner’s!  It’s how we often Rock and Roll most of our days.  We never ever turn off our switches.  We are never one or the other:  we are all our roles combined into one person and one heart all the time and all the hours!

So, the one crazy question that I keep asking myself to answer every single day, week, month and new year’s resolution is how can I strike a balance?!  I have to figure out that magic answer because all my other boss mama’s out there are seemingly doing it!  I mean come on…. look at their instagram accounts, they are living it up in the balance world!  Right???!!!

But that beautifully hand lettered, clean and simple little instagram square punched me in the face the other day!

Balance isn’t something you find:  It’s something you create on your own!

You see, you have to work at it.  You have to carve it out and whittle it down to what you feel and know is right in your heart for yourself, your situation and your own unique little family unit!  And guess what… it’s going to change from day to day just like the weather and just like our the temperament of our children!

Balance is an ever changing ebb and flow kind of fluid structure!  At least this is what I”m learning this year!

I will let you in on a little secret.

Our family has gone through a lot of changes since our move to Florida.

This has been amazing in so many ways and we are forever grateful for where we are; but also it’s been a bit hairy scary!  Tuck is in the process of a job change and Linc has started pre-school but the hours are incredibly different that what we are used to back in Virginia Beach.  We are spending a lot more family time together which has been such a blessing but we have been striving to change the way we approach our family time, which means striking a balance between business (for both Tuck and I) and actual quality time and being present with each other and leaving outside influences like social media where they belong (on the table powered down.)

We have been conscious of our choices including when it’s time to work and work harder and smarter; and then when it’s time to prioritize our family and make those moments count intentionally!

Balance changes every single day!

Some days Tuck and I win!  We find our balance and we celebrate!  Other days, we fail and that’s OK.  Some days we just recognize that we aren’t perfect.

I struggle the most to be honest.  I struggle because I want to make sure that my first priority is always to my family!  So there are days when I fail at my job, and guess what:  at the end of the day when my head hits the pillow, I am OK with that!

I am OK with that because I know that I played with my son.  I am OK with that because I know he is my legacy.  I am OK with that because he is the reason I relate to my clients so well and continue to pick up my camera and shoot the way that I do!

I am OK with that because I honestly believe with all of my heart that my clients would understand and if given the choice that would also choose the same!

So for all my fellow mamas out there that are also trying to answer that crazy question of how to strike a balance, this is what I have to offer you!    You don’t!  I think you just keep creating your own quasi balance for this one day and this one moment and celebrate the wins!  I think you just live your life and stop trying to find perfection!

I think we all just do the best we can with what we are given and say as long as at the end of each day when my head hits the pillow I am happy with the love I shared, then I did a wonderful job!  As long as my children feel loved, my husband feels loved and I met the needs of those I care for… I did a damn good job!

Cheers to you mamas!

How to Find Balance as a mother and a business owner


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