The Smallest Soccer Cleats


Supporting your local small business

Ok ya’ll!!!  I know I’m super biased because I’m his mama… but seriously, I die of cuteness overload!  Is this not the most handsome little soccer player in the pee wee world?!!!

Monday afternoon we picked Linc up from pre-school and brought him home to something incredible:  the worlds smallest soccer cleats!  You see, now that Linc is 4 we just barely made the cut off for him to play fall soccer!  Linc was beyond excited and he couldn’t get dressed and out the door fast enough!

We watched him hustle out onto the field with a rowdy bunch of 4-6 year olds that we had never met before and played hard for an hour straight!  My heart was so full and also so incredibly grateful!

You see friends:  without YOU, this would not be possible!

When you take the time and choose to support a small family business like mine and other’s like mine, YOU are making moments like this possible!

When you purchase a family session or a mini session, your help put those tiny little cleats on excited little feet!  You make these moments of “firsts” possible.

It’s easy sometimes to forget in the moment.  I know because I’m frequently someone who loves to live on amazon!  But there are so many small businesses that are amazing and incredible right in our own neighborhood.

Stop by and check them out and remember that by supporting them, you are supporting a family!

Linc loved every second of that first soccer practice and can’t wait to go back again this week!  I realized as a mama that there won’t be a single practice or game that I will miss!  He’s growing up way to fast and although we are just starting this new season of “firsts” and sports and so much fun to be had… I can already feel it flying by faster than I can click my camera!

Before practice I made him pose for me for a few quick shots!  He is super silly right now so standing still and “posing” is just not his thing!

But I will cherish these for as long as I live!

Supporting your local small businessSupporting your local small businessSupporting your local small businessOh man ya’ll these next ones… my fave!!!

Supporting your local small businessSupporting your local small business


We will be recreating that pose above when he goes pro!!!

And then of course… when it’s raining out (because it’s Florida and it’s September) we have to do a duck face!

Supporting your local small business

Out on the fields with coach Ben!  My child is the smallest child on the field by far!

Supporting your local small business

It’s like where’s waldo but Where’s Lincoln!!!

And then… my favorite:

Supporting your local small business

The second he gets in the car, the shoes and the socks come off!  It took us a while to peel the shin guards off but they came off the second we got on the porch!  The house door was open and this kid flew in the house and when I turned around was already INSIDE the fridge with his dirty toes!

Lord help us!!!

Thank you to all of you who have believed in this crazy dream of mine and supported this small business!  Thank you for helping make this soccer season a possibility for Linc!!


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