Choosing to Jump


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As a mom, I realize if I sit back and quietly reflect on the small moments of my toddler,  I notice he teaches me quite a lot!

That’s probably the biggest blessing as a parent;  learning to live all over again and truly appreciate all the small moments and wonders again through the eyes of your child!  Especially if your child is like mine… full of magical wonder and head strong bull in a china shop full force kind of living moment to moment way!

Last Friday all my Linc wanted to do was jump in the small puddles in our drive way!  It didn’t matter that he had already come home and taken his pants off.  Ya’ll… that’s a no brainer in our house… enter home, shut door, shoes off/pants off!

It also didn’t matter that it was chilly outside and his pants were already off!  Linc’s mind worked this way:  I’m home, I need to see my mom!  I walk in the door, pants need to be off!  I give my mom a hug and a kiss!  I tell her about my day!  Oh yes… there are puddles outside that I need to jump in.  I put my rainboots back on.  I beg mom “please may I go back outside and jump!”  I open the door, I run to jump in puddles.

It doesn’t matter that his boots are totally on the wrong feet.  It doesn’t matter that he’s just in his undies and the neighbors are totally outside!

Mom has her camera… that’s totally normal!  Cars driving by and people are waving and smiling shaking their heads… who cares!

Linc is jumping in the smallest of puddles there is… and he’s in heavenly bliss!

We sat outside until he was covered in mud (his favorite) and he started to actually show signs of being cold.  I sat on the front steps and as I watched him I realized what a valuable lesson he was teaching me that evening as the sun began to set!

* JUMP!  Just Jump!

Do what matters in your heart and pay no attention to anyone around you or what others believe, say, feel or care!

So you feel awkward or wrong or unsure of your feet (perhaps because they may be backwards) JUMP ANYWAY!


*Do it for as long as you can!!!!!  

*Make big waves or make small waves, it doesn’t matter because they are ripples none the less and ripples matter!

*Make a splash and understand that it’s the splash that matters not how high you jump!

*Don’t be afraid to make a mess… that’s more than half the fun!  It’s not about perfection!

JUST JUMP until it’s time to go inside and then do it again until it no longer makes you happy!

Children and Family Photography, Brooke Tucker Photography


We came inside right as the sun went down and seriously… just look at that smile!  It was all of 15 minutes but that pure joy and cheese smile on his face (boots on the wrong feet) that’s worth a million to me!

If only he knew just how much wisdom he gave me in those puddle jumps!

What are your children teaching you?!

I would so much like to know… their wisdom is priceless!  It’s pure and it has a magic within it!

I hope you share below!!





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