Weekend Re-cap!


Happy Monday Loves!

It’s sunshine-y outside and that makes me VERY happy!!! How about you friends?!

This weekend was a bit of a fast one for me.. a little bit too fast!  I feel like the week was long and the weekend not so much.  Does anyone else feel that way?!

My hubs is usually away for the weeks and lately to be honest… this has been hard.  It’s been harder than full deployments have been for me because there is just not time to come to an adjustment where we say OK.. this is how life is now.  I think it’s because I’ve really been missing that sense of “normal” that I have in my head.  That vision that says our family comes together every night before the sun sets and we have a few moments of good old fashion play time.  We greet each other at the door with hugs and kisses and how was your days!  The evenings where my two boys play together while I make us a meal and we all sit down together at the table… together… even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes because Linc is 3!

I think I’m really missing that because sometimes we are so incredibly fortunate to get one of those in every now and again when the travel is light and it’s such an incredible blessing!  It’s a reminder of how precious family truly is and how time together (quality time together) should be completely relished and present for!  It’s a reminder for me that for those times and for those of us who are lucky enough to have it regularly to truly cherish it and be mindful of HOW we treat it!

We should be present in these moments one hundred percent with our children and with our loved ones.  Our phones, our work, the internet and the social world can all take a break while we give ourselves over to those that are the most important in our lives!

I know my hubs won’t always be traveling this much…  at least I can pray 😉  I know with the holidays quickly approaching we will all be spending more time together which is the best gift I could ever hope to receive!

In the meantime… I keep reminding myself when I am shooting my amazing families that from the moment they step out of their car this might be one of those special opportunities that they have to spend quality time together connecting fully present with one another!  What an honor for me to be able to capture that for them and I can only pray that they leave me (and our session together) feeling as blessed and fulfilled as I do to have spend some time with them!

Happy Monday ya’ll…

Gorgeous grey and teal inspired lifestyle family session by brooke tucker photography


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