Can you see the magic?!

November 10, 2015



Dearest Moms!

We are so incredibly blessed!  Some days it’s crazy and chaotic and hectic!  Some days we can barely shuffle our feet from one task to the other and other days our feet just fly like they have wings of their own!

Some days they drag on like time is stopping as the seconds tick by at impossibly long moments of space and time.  While other days, they just disappear as if they had wings like the fairies we read about in stories or imagine with our children!  In the early morning hours, we just never know which day we are going to get… and sometimes we just get both all wrapped and smashed up in one!

No matter what the day unfolds though, we always know that deep down in our hearts, we are so incredibly blessed to be who we are:  Mothers!

We are often the keeper of memories and dreams.  We are the soothers of boo’s boo’s and skinned knees.  We are the snugglers and the rockers, the masters of disguise and the playmates for hours and days on ends.  We are the creators of castles, knights and dragons;  and the foundations of princesses and fairy dust and never lands!  We are the keepers of the house and the holders of the hearts!  Often times we are the barometer for the family and our patience is what keeps our family running smoothly and in tune with the rest of the world.

Some days require more than we have, but we always find a way and find the strength.  It’s somewhere in our hearts and in our bones!  We push through because we have an unconditional love that is unmatched and unrivaled.  It’s what makes us beautiful… from the inside out.  It’s what endears us to one another and connects us.

Sometimes… all it takes is to find that magic!  Do you see it?  Do you see it in your child when you watch them move and play?  Do you see their own special form of it that comes with their individual personality and spark?

I believe each child has their own magic and whimsy!  It’s there and that is what helps us continue through when the moments are tough or trying or hard.  When we can sit there in silence and watch that magic unfold!

It’s captivating and stunning!  Sometimes it can even take your breath!  You just have to be in the moment to see it.  You just need to let your guard down long enough to allow yourself to embrace that world and see your own magic within!

Do you see the magic?

It’s in every day moments:  our children can find it and often revel in it!  The way a light hits a certain spot and shines and sparkles like fairy dust! The way a cape can catch a breeze when the speed of your feet are just right when running around a corner really does lift you in the air for a few seconds flight of a super hero!

Do you see how your child can make their own magic?

Each personality is different and with that little personality is it’s own delight and humor and spark!  One little spark can ignite and entire world of fantasy and play… all you have to do is sit back and really SEE!

Some days this magic is what helps to push us through… to remind us how important our role is!  It is THE most important role and title we will ever have in our lives!

Can we harness this magic and develop it a little longer?  Can we foster this magic into who our children want to become or who they are meant to be one day?

Can we capture this magic so that we will always be able to hold on to it for years and years to come?!  To remember these days and share with our children who they were and how they were?!

Dear Mothers… can we savor it a little longer?!

Can we document this magic and tell it’s story?!

Time doesn’t stand still for any one or any second and that is the only thing that I know to be 100% true.  So for now, I just know that I want to make sure I am fully seeing this special magic of my little boy!

I want to practice being fully present in it for as long as I can while I can!

Whether I can be a silent observer or an active participant, I just want to make sure I’m there!

Do you see it friend?!

Can you see the magic too?




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