And I will tell you what, I’m so thrilled to have this blog back!  More importantly though… IT’S THE LAUNCH DAY!!  HOORAY… IT’S FINALLY HERE!

I am so beyond excited to share with you all of the hard work and heart that has gone into this brand;  but first please know I could not have done it without the amazing and wonderful Bonnie from B is for Bonnie Design!  

Bonnie my friend, you know that this process for me was soo incredible!  You know that working with you has been more than a joy!  I wish I could write just a love note for you (and trust me friend, it’s coming!) but I just want to say thank you for your incredibly big heart and your sincere and genuine love for people and challenging them to look inside and find what they are most passionate about!

Most of you all know my story by now so I won’t go into the nitty gritty details of HOW I came to find my place and my passion for Motherhood photography or lifestyle photography.

What I will tell you are some little secrets about why this new brand is so incredibly important to me:

I wanted to create a space for Mother’s that was clean and calm and refreshing!  I wanted to share this space where we can all find the beauty in our own lives without feeling the pressure to chase that perfection.

Real is Better Than Perfect!

I wanted to highlight how true that is in the images that I take so that as a community we can start to come together and support one another, life one another up and say… YES, my life looks exactly like that too:  toys all around, piles of laundry left to do, but full of magical lands and super hero’s and princesses and play dates!

And guess what:  we don’t want to change a thing!  We just want to capture that (as it is) because before we know it, those tantrums and tears will be just a memory!

I chose waves to represent my first memory:  surfing on the nose of my dad’s board!  I want to be there to capture your first memories!

I chose waves because as Mother’s we are often the calm behind the storm!

There is so much of ME in this brand but also so much of who my clients are…

I hope you visit the site and I hope you find a little bit of yourself!



  1. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL I’M SOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! So much heart. Big hugs my friend!!!!

  2. Erika Mills says:

    Brooke! So proud of you for unveiling this and following what speaks to you! The site is beautiful, cheers to your new adventures! xx

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