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HI Guys!

Ok… I did it!!!  WOHOO!!  Ya’ll I totally feel like shouting from the roof tops because I did it, I made the first video blog (and yes friends if you caught the behind the scenes from instagram, I made it out of the bath tub!)  That was kind of amazing in itself!

When I sat down for my mentoring session with Justin and Mary, one thing Mary made me promise to start among the many lists of tasks she sent me home with, was to video blog! I never realized how hard that was going to be.  I am NOT a shy person, but really getting myself in front of a video camera and talking… I kind of panicked!!!  It’s really hard putting yourself out there and being vulnerable;  but actually that is just what this post is all about!

What being REAL means and why REAL over being perfect is so important to me.

I have to admit, I made like 200 videos.  I had problems with the video sticking… and I may have screamed at the computer a few times.  My pitbull actually ran and hid from me!

I laughed a lot and cried some too!  At one point, I phoned Amanda Hedgepeth and then totally texted her that I felt like a loser trying to accomplish this task, and I needed to read her words of encouragement.

BUT… the video today talks about why these real moments will last longer than “perfect”ones and that’s why I shared my real moments above about trying to make this first video!

I’m kind of nervous to share it with you because it’s not super fancy!  It’s not professional and it’s sooo not perfect!  I’m at home sitting at my kitchen bar praying that the computer holds up!  I’m hoping I don’t say “um” too many times and that you aren’t totally weirded out by my minnie mouse voice!  I’m in my 30’s and yes I look like a high schooler and sound like one too.

BUT… I know that if one person hears what I say about letting go of perfect today… I’ll rest my head on the pillow with a stupid happy grin!!!

So here it goes friends:  The first video blog ever ( and a big thanks to Mary for pushing me to do this!)


Thanks again for watching friends.. and please if you have any suggestions on topics for video blogs, leave them below!

With lots of warm hugs…



  1. Audrey says:

    Oh my gosh, Brooke, you are the sweetest thing ever!! You totally rocked this! Love your message! 🙂

  2. Elizabeth says:

    you have such a way with words and a passion in your wisdom!! This brought me to tears!! Keep on telling this as it is a concept that needs to be heard!! Real and raw moments before anything perfect for the win!!!! Love you!!

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