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Happy Friday everyone!

I had a different post scheduled for this day because that’s what we do:  we move on and we live our lives!  It’s actually a beautiful thing and something we should be amazed and thankful that we can do!

But then I stopped… I checked the date and I remembered…. 9/11.

I don’t often check the date.  In fact, I usually have to use my watch only to check the date if I’m at the post office mailing something or signing Linc in and out of school.

There was something this week that held me to these days of the week and had me remember to keep checking.  There was something on my heart that kept me looking at the calendar and seeing Friday and these numbers all lining up.

I remember exactly where I was.  I remember what I was doing and who I was with and I can even remember the smells believe or not, when I heard the news.

I can remember the chill of the drops from my iced coffee drink hitting my thumb as we rushed back from class to our dorm room.

I remember desperately trying to call my dad to see if he was being called away to New York;  and then I remember feeling desperation as one of my good friends was desperately trying to reach her family living in the city!  No matter where we were, or who you were… we all knew someone who was touched by this.

I don’t think any of us will ever forget where we were or what we felt that day as we stared at the TV.

Time stood still for so long and it seemed that the whole world was shut down in an eery kind of silence.

YET… kindness and compassion overcame everything and we stood still and strong, together!

Although many years later, our lives move on at a rapid pace and sadly today becomes just another day on the calendar… we can still take the time to remember!

We can pause for just a few minutes to remember our loved ones!  We can close our eyes and remember all that love and kindness that we had for one another in the midst of something that was so terrifying.  We can stand for a moment, united again, as we take the time to spend a few moments thinking back to those moments when we heard about that horrible news.

You see, even though lives moves on (which is a blessing) it’s when we take these moments of silence to remember in our hearts that we can come together again!


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