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Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I’m just excited because our Tuck comes home for a bit!  I don’t want to jinx it and say for how long… because goodness knows the ONE thing that I have learned with this new schedule is that there is no schedule!  It can change at any second!  So I might as well just be prepared 😉

So far though the “plan” is that he will be home for a few days and I am so excited that I’m actually cleaning the entire house with my loud girly music playing and I’m dancing around like the mad hatter that I am!

We have many many fun things tentatively scheduled and I’m ready to rock out this quality (and quantity) time we all have together just us three!

So in honor of that… I thought I would go ahead and tell you what I have in store for this upcoming week!  There will be the usual Monday morning weekend re-cap post with some fun family outings that Linc and I are already dying about and I have spent plenty of time prepping him for (and yep songs included!)

I have LOTS of fresh new little ones to introduce to you and with that comes ALL the good feels!!!

There is nothing like seeing a brand new little one come into this world with soo much love and soo much happiness!  It’s the most overwhelming feeling and it’s truly indescribable!

SO be sure to join in with me next week to meet some brand new, fresh cuties!~

Virginia Beach Birth Photographer Brooke TuckerVirginia Beach Birth Photographer Brooke Tucker

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