Climb like Spiderman!


Our little man turned 3 last week and so I’ve been soaking in the whole threenager love if you will and rather than post all the stuff I had already pre-blogged and planned… I actually decided to just take a break from social media and enjoy the week with our family!

I think we all need to do that from time to time right?!  Just shut down and turn off!  It wasn’t that long ago when you really think about that the internet was dial up and we didn’t have cell phones that had the capability to send text messages!  We did have instagram, facebook or any of these amazing apps and social connections that trust me… I love so much!

But when you think about it… life was a LOT easier!  When we left the house to play or visit friends or heck even run errands… we were OUT!  No one could really get a hold of us and our attention was 100% percent on those that we were with!

In my house during dinner, we actually took our phone off the hook and our dinner was a series of good connecting conversations:  how was your day, how did that test go, who did you play with today?  Sometimes we would turn on Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy and play along and of course, my mom always schooled us on the wheel of fortune puzzles!

I try to keep up the family dinners at our house, or at least 5-10 minutes of good solid questions and conversation with our little toddler/adult!  This world is so fast paced these days that it is hard to keep up!

This last week though, I think our little family did a great job though and not worrying about being “connected” into social media as much as sometimes we need to be, it was refreshing~

I think we should all take these little breaks every now and again!  Just as a reset!


For Linc’s actual birthday Tuck and I decided to try something new and take our little spiderman/hulk lover who is a crazy acrobatic on any given day to the Rock Gym!  We thought that just maybe given him a real positive outlet for his ace climbing skills could prove really good for our house… yea nice thought huh!

It took him a few minutes to warm up to the idea because it was the real deal climbing!  There were no “kid walls”!  It was just climb or hang and so he watched mommy and daddy climb for a few minutes and then he decided to join in on the fun!  Once he realized all he needed was a little bit of assistance and off he could go… spiderman he became!

Here are a few pictures from our adventure!  Linc turns 3 at the rock gymYour Order #100023753Your Order #100023753

Hope everyone had a fantastic week and weekend!!!

Lots of gorgeous sessions to show you this week… a motherhood journal session, some gorgeous new babies that had birthday’s this week and a lifestyle session to die for!!!

I’m so excited to introduce you all to these wonderful beauties!!!



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