Weekend Re-cap

June 22, 2015



Is it just me or did this weekend feel like it just passed us by in the blink of an eye?!  I mean I am having a hard time right now with my weeks running and melting into my weekends so that I’m never really quit sure what is happening!  It’s very sad and it’s almost disheartening but at the same time, I really appreciate all my days and moments right now so I’m not complaining!

We have been super busy and with Tuck’s new job I think that’s making the day mix up happen even more but we have loved having him actually BE home when he’s home!

If you live here in Virginia Beach with us… can we just talk about this incredible heat we’ve had!  I am all for the summer, I love the heat and I love being outside in the heat!  Heck… I am a girl that will wear a hoodie or a long sleeve in the 90 degree weather with my shorts because I am always cold, but this year?!  Virginia Beach has been HOT lately, like real hot ya’ll!  The humidity has also been fierce and so as much as I love the heat, I’ve been spending small amounts of time outside as possible!

It’s like a tease, you want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine but as soon as you step outside all you want to do is step right back inside!

Even on photo sessions it’s the same way!  The sun has been setting late and our sessions don’t even begin until 7:30 pm but it’s still HOT to trot out folks and the humidity is pressing down on us!  The beach is gorgeous but I feel like all I want to do is take my clients down to the water so we can catch that nice salty breeze that comes off the ocean and dip our toes in for relief!  (If you’ve been following on the news though, all of us are a bit preoccupied with where our precious piggie toes are in that water… it’s shark city lately and I’ve never in my life heard of so many down here!)

I’ve never been one to worry about sharks!  I’ve always hopped on my surf board and gone right out into the water!  I’ve known they are out there and heck I’ve even been bumped by them a time or two!  They’ve just never bothered me (uneless its shark week on TV, then I abandon the ocean for a good solid three weeks and stay in the pool).  Right now though, it’s seems like a crazy unnatural obsession these past two weeks with sightings and talk around the area!  I think we’ll stick to our pool!

Sooo.. full circle here, that’s what we’ve been doing this weekend!  With all this heat and talk of sharks, our little family has been swimming like fish in our backyard!  We head out early in the morning and come in around lunch time in hopes of seeking naps (which I will be honest we haven’t seen since Linc turned two) and quiet snack time!

That’s how we celebrated our Father’s day too!  Tuck just wanted a quiet day filled with Linc and Linc is obsessed with his new “underneath” addiction!  He has found the ways of swimming with his head and body underneath the water and he “can’t stop, won’t stop”!  He is absolutely obsessed!  He dreams about it and talks about it non stop!  We have to force him to take a break from it otherwise we fear he will sink!

Watching my two boys this weekend and taking the day “off” yesterday feeling like I was feeling (with my days all mix matched and jumbled around) helped me to process a few things, especially as a Mom and one that really feels and believes that perfect is such a myth!

  • Days like these are so precious and to be sought after more, especially while Linc is soo young!  Linc won’t remember  days like these, he’s too young!  It’s up to ME to help him “remember” by tangibly giving him these memories!  I absolutely need to break out our video camera more and record these amazing accomplishments he takes on and tackles!  I absolutely need to break out my big professional camera for US and not just for my clients or when I can kind of sort of remember to for my own family!  My family needs to come first as well and that big camera with those nice and expensive lenses should be always in my hand for my own family capturing our memories and Linc because these are the days he won’t remember because he’s too little!  We will have theses memories but I want him to be able to SEE these moments as well as hear the stories too!
  • Realizing and recognizing that the less time I spend with my family and especially Linc (and I don’t just mean time, I mean quality time) the less patience I have a momma!  This is soo hard for me to admit!  I think we feel bad a mom’s when we say I lack in the patience department and I lose my patience sometimes with my kids.  Guess what… I’m human and we are all human!  I notice that when I don’t spend QUALITY time with Linc, I start to lose my patience with him more and often over the dumbest stuff.  I love being a photographer and I absolutely love my clients!  I hate to even say clients because zero of my clients are actually clients after the first few minutes, they all becomes friends and most of them are close ones now!  BUT as much as I love going out on sessions and spending time with them, I noticed yesterday that I NEED and crave the balance of spending quality time with Linc!  If I don’t have that, I start to lose my patience with him and I start sucking at being the mom I want to be for him!  This is where good scheduling comes in to play for our family!  There actually is a balance I need to have between the number of sessions I SHOULD be taking for my business and the number I realized I CAN and realistically can take in order for me to provide the best care and service to both my clients and my family!
  • One on One time with Tuck:  Now that he is traveling more and I am working more,  the two of us understand the need to reconnect in smaller ways!  Both of us spend a lot of time making sure that we connect in special ways with Linc!  We make sure we have quality time with him and that we each have our own special mommy moments and own special daddy traditions with him and it’s really cool~  We also recognized that after 5 years of marriage, we need to really carve out time for the two of us to connect one on one without Linc and without bonding over work!  We did this last night by spending father’s day on a date night!  It was totally impromptu and we did something Tuck wouldn’t normally ever want to do but in the end it was a lot of fun!  (Hint… more to come about that later!)  We’ve been trying to introduce a few little things that just make it easier for us to connect and solidify our marriage!  These are silly things but believe it or not, it really does make a big difference!

Anyway… our weekend was a fast one but it was a great one!  I had many sessions sprinkled in from the week and all weekend so there will be lots of pretty images to share this week!

Until then.. here’s our amazing little fish!  These are now “short distance swims” as we call them!  He truly blows me away!  He will be turning 3 next week.. WHAT?!  What happened to my little wrinkly man that was a little glow worm needing a billi blanket?!

Now he’s holding his breath and swimming the length of our shallow end!!!  We are pretty impressed with our little fish and all I can think of when I see his little toosh bob up and down in the water is Dori singing… ” just keep swimming…”






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