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June 18, 2015


Avalon’s birth was a story that I will never forget!  Every birth is a story that you will never forget!  It’t one that truly touches your heart and soul in a way that unless you are actually present or have experienced yourself… all the  “feels” are more than in full effect!  It’s like feel overload and then more feel overload but in the best way EVER!

Avalon’s story though is one that will always stay right on top of my heart and will always probably stay at the forefront!  Maybe it’s because I have become so close with Ashley and Joe and Wavelry!  Maybe it’s because when I first met Avalon’s family, I realized I met them right when they found out they were pregnant with Avalon so really there isn’t a time that I haven’t “known” Avalon too or been anticipating her arrival!

All I know is that being there and spending the day (days) with them and their family eagerly waiting to celebrate this special little ones birthday and see the faces of her family as they were finally able to greet her and learn her name… it was powerful!

To watch the love and to feel the love that washes over the room when parents like Ashley and Joe step out of themselves and unconditionally give of themselves to welcome in another member of their family… it’s nothing short of amazing!  It’s the kind of love that is earth shattering and can move mountains!

There were so many moments and so many images that I absolutely love!  So many moments captured that move me to tears even today!  I spoke with Ashley just the other day about her gallery and we were going back and forth naming some of the images and there were some that I told her I just can’t even bring up anymore because just thinking about them and all the love that was behind just that one second captured;  it just makes my eyes well up even now thinking about it!

All this makes me realize just how incredibly lucky I am to spend time with these families and be invited into these intimate and special moments with them!  How blessed am I to be called upon to do this “job”!

There are so many favorites that I have from our first evening together where we just gathered around Ashley and Joe and laughed together eating popsicles and passing the time!  I loved watching Joe and Ashley talk through and hold hands during the more intense contracts and seeing how these incredible parents always stay connected, physically and mentally! No matter what was going on, they always connected and always made sure they had their plans intact and were updated on their oldest daughter and big sister Waverly!  Some of the most meaningful moments was when Ashely was finally able to hold Avalon and those I think will always (years from now even) bring me to tears with all their “Feels”.

Ashley and Joe were able to catch up with some down time before we all headed back to the hospital for big sister Waverly’s arrival.  I’m not sure that this could have been a bigger hit and I think we were all blown away with the love and protection that Waverly showed for Avalon within the first few seconds of seeing her!  I will always remember her complete excitement and dancing in the room at being able to hold and love on Avalon and peek at all her parts!

Here are some of my favorite images.. keep a tissue near by just in case you’re like me!  You might just need it!

Ashley was amazing!  She and Joe were an incredible team!  Joe was so calm and reassuring and Ashley was the most serene and zen mother in active labor I have ever met!

Their family came in for a visit and we were able to capture some amazing family moments!  Some funny i phone moments where we realized both Avalon and Waverly look exactly the same at birth and some hugs and kisses of joy and relief!  We were also able to let these two incredible parents relax a bit and enjoy their new baby girl alone for a while before we brought Miss Waverly by!

I’m so excited to see Miss Avalon on Friday now that she is at home and all settled in!  We have our newborn lifestyle session with the whole family including their family furry baby so check back with me next week so you can keep up with how they are all doing!  You can also check in with them over at Ashley’s blog Words About Waverly! 

If you want to see their whole journey as a family, you can check out their family images at the beach  and also you can get to know Ashley and her amazing love for styling in her guest post about how to style for a family session!  



  1. Rosemary says:

    I love how every photo shows the heart! You are so gifted Brooke and your subjects are blessed to have you capturing such a beautiful time in their lives. I’m so happy Aaron found such a talented loving woman to spend his life with!

    • says:

      Thank you Rosemary! I am so lucky to have Aaron who teaches me about unconditional love and support every day and I am also blessed to have such amazing clients who welcome me into their lives with such open hearts! We miss you!!!

  2. Emily Gerald says:

    Brooke!!! these are stunning, I so love seeing a birth story on your blog, you rocked it!

    • says:

      Thanks Emily! Such a huge compliment coming from someone I admire and adore so much!!!

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