Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the mamas!

May 11, 2015


Happy Mama’s WEEK to all the beautiful mama’s out there!  I hope that you had a beautiful day yesterday taking a few moments to just breathe it all in!

I hope you had a moment to remember back to the beginning before you had your littles and the love that brought you here in the first place!  A chance to remember the day you found out your were going to be a mama… and all those exciting moments leading up to the special day!

I hope you had a chance to reflect on that crazy day you became a mom… and maybe even took a moment to look at a few pictures if you could!  Of course you know I did!  And then were able to soak up a few snuggles from your littles and catch a few moments with your entire family celebrating how truly blessed we all are as moms!

I saw lots of amazing posts on my instagram feed that just made my heart swell!  Lots of different types of celebrations and love shown for all the different types of moms out there!

Our mother’s day was a pretty amazing one, and my boys showered me with love in the best kind of way possible!

Saturday I was truly honored to be able to capture a truly beautiful (inside out and all around) friend’s outer banks wedding!  It was stunning and our girlfriend Candice described it best… they were both completely enveloped in their own little “bliss bubble!”  We all were crying.. ALL OF US!  There was so much joy, so much breath taking beauty and so much love that the day just flew by and the night even faster!

Elizabeth and I drove home the same night and we arrived smashing into our beds around 2 am!  Sooo Sunday morning on mother’s day my boys gave me one of the best gifts ever!  They let me sleep in until almost 9:30 and I can not honestly remember the last time I have ever slept that long in my life!  I was exhausted and in the best way possible but like I’ve had anesthesia and I was experiencing waking periods and sloth like periods of exhaustion all day long tired!

They also crafted the cutest little surprise for me: Linc has a pirate booty box that Gi-Gi gave him and inside were two of the most awesome cards (that Linc tried to read to me) and then all of our favorite things that Linc and I like to share..

  • Coca-Cola (of course because we all know that’s my favorite and sadly Linc’s too)
  • Popcorn (both the buttery kind and the cheesy kind)
  • Earth’s Best Apple Sauce snacks but of the mango and other fruit’s deliciousness
  • A few mini grave diggers (because whenever we play monster cars mommy is kind of allowed to play but I always get the yucky ones)
  • An entire bag of monster blast white cheddar cheese goldfish TO MYSELF!  WHAT?!
  • A race car!

How adorable is that?!  Linc of course shared a few things with me already and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to play or have a turn with that mini little grave digger… ever!  But that’s OK!  It’s always the thought that counts!

The best part of our day was loading up on our sunscreen and playing outside in “Lincoln’s park”.  My two boys climbed all over the place and daddy pushed Linc in the swing and I was able to swing softly in the breeze right next to them in the hammock enjoying the sound of the their giggles and squeals!

My boys have taught me more about myself and allowed me to truly be the person I have always wanted to be!  They encourage me and support me and push me to grow!  They keep me living in adventures and imagination and fun!  They make me laugh and smile and challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone!

Linc not only made me a mama but he made me and continues to make me into the best version of myself every single day!

Being a momma is the hardest thing in the world but it’s also the BEST thing in the world!


This week is dedicated entirely to mamas:  including a very special project I’ve been dreaming about for a while now!

I’m really excited about it so keep checking back!!!

Hope you all had a GREAT weekend and a lovely mama’s day!!!

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