Weekend Re-cap

April 27, 2015


Happy Happy Monday!  Last week I told you that I actually loved Monday’s and this could not be truer this week!

Our weekend was well… let’s just say I’m happy that it’s Monday!

We had a ton of rain this weekend and that usually doesn’t bother me, I actually like the rain but this particular rain brought out or washed the pollen TO our doorstep and so now I’m back to sounding a little bit more gravely than I’d like to.

Linc hates to be kept indoors so our house was a bit more Lord of the flies like than usual too!

ANYWAY… instead of re-hashing our weekend, I thought instead I would talk to you about some personal goals I have for this upcoming month!

Goals that I kind of always SAY I’m going to do but really never do because I know they are good for me, I just don’t like to do them.

I’m hoping that maybe if I put them out there, you guys might be able to check in on me and keep me accountable.  OR maybe we can all just start them together and keep each other accountable!

How does that sound?!

So let’s just call this a Monday ramblings or Monday musings of goals and need to do’s that we maybe all of us are saying and not doing?

Raise your hand if your with me here… For example:

  • RUNNING!  Ok so I used to run!  I have done 3 half marathons and several 5 k and 10 k even!  The thing is… I actually don’t like running!  I’m not good at it (I have terribly tight IT bands and that makes my knees ache horribly, I get shin splints like no other and running actually makes me cry).  I know that last one sounds weird doesn’t it.  See, I’m super competitive, like real competitive ya’ll, especially with myself and running is very much an inside your head kind of sport.  Some people LOVE that about running, it can be cathartic.  It can be healing and stress relieving.  For me, running is actually self destructive or has been in the past.  I beat myself up and have horribly negative self talk because I’m just too darn competitive.  It goes like this “I’m not fast enough, I’m not strong enough, I’m not running far enough, my pace is too slow, I’m too out of breath, my cardio sucks… etc etc)  Who in their right mind would actually want to go out and DO that to themselves.

So this is the thing about running for me… I kind of HAVE to do it.  I need to do it for my heart!  Heart diseases and heart attacks and all that go along with that really scary stuff run in my family and it runs very very early.  I need to run for the benefits on my heart!

So…. I have to pick it back up again.  I put it off though because after back labor with Linc, my back hurts and I could also find 80 million other excuses but that’s what they are… excuses because well I’m too competitive to just start and start slow.

So who is with me in just taking it one step at at time?!


  • CUTTING OUT FAST FOOD:  This also goes along with getting heart healthy!  It’s hard though because I live with an adorable toddler who lives for the chic fil a indoor park!  I also live for that park on a rainy day with the aquarium is way too crowded!  Plus those chick fil a grilled nuggets are a great and fast fix for him when we are running around!  I usually try and steer clear but there are some weeks and some months where we find ourselves in a fast food/chic fil a fix because we are rushing from one activity to the next!  I just need to pack smarter!


  • STAYING ON TOP OF THE LAUNDRY ROOM DISASTER AREA:  Oh my gosh so this whole past week/weekend/this week I have been (and will be) trying to get a handle on our laundry room!  When it gets out of hand, it becomes a really scary and dangerous zone!  We are never quite sure what’s clean, what’s dirty, what needs to be folded, what needs to be washed, what that smell is!  It becomes a monster!  Tuck and I aren’t even sure HOW it gets like this but we just need to stay on top of it!  Laundry is something I gave up and Tuck took over because it would get out of hand like that!  Now I don’t feel so bad though because it just seems like it gets out of hand like that no matter what.  I think it might take the two of us just to keep it from taking over the entire house and swallowing us up whole!  Does anyone else out there have this problem?! Please tell me we aren’t alone!!!


  • FINDING A BETTER CLEANING SYSTEM!  OMG… Since we had Linc that nesting bug never went away!  Mom friends tell me this is the truth right!  I can not sit still and relax unless the house is clean or tidy!  There are no more TV or movie relaxing times for me any more.  I have to be doing something with my hands like cleaning, folding laundry or dishes… and until everything is perfect only then can I relax.  The problem is, with a toddler boy and another bigger boy in the house (aka TUCK) the house is always cluttered or in a state of unrest.  It’s just something I have to accept.  So when the boys are away… I feel like I need to clean.  That’s just it though, I’m always cleaning!  I have to find a system that allows me to sit on the couch at the end of the night and enjoy some down time!


Please tell me I’m not some kind of weirdo here!  If I am, that’s totally OK.. I accept that!  I embrace the awkward!  But I would love to know that there is at least one other mama out there that feels the same way I do.  Maybe we can get together and start a support group!  We can fold our laundry together or maybe run… hahaha and talk about our laundry.  We could run to chic fil a!

I’m here for ya sista!!!

In the mean time… here’s a picture of Linc and I on a date!  He was so proud that he took me on a date.  He had no idea what a date was… but he did hold all the doors for me (hence a bruise on my face when it slammed on me! But it’s the thought that counts!)

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