Our real selves are what make us beautiful


I had intended a completely different post for today, until I logged on to facebook yesterday late in the afternoon and saw a video post from a super sweetheart girlfriend of mine!

I opened it up because anything she touches or chooses to do is always with heart and full of intention!  This post was absolutely no different!

I know a bit about her story… parts she has trusted me enough to share!  Watching this video yesterday and reading her words and feeling her raw emotion and her bravery, it moved me beyond words could ever express!

I feel like I preach a lot about our stories.  I talk a lot about how real is better than perfect… it IS and I believe that with a full and open heart!  I feel like I speak out a lot about living our stories and sharing them with others because if we can accept who we are and where we come from and love that, then we can fully relate to one another on a deeper level.

I use pretty words and I strategically place pretty images to enhance the “feels” behind those words that I do truly believe in.

But Hannah…. Hannah did something bigger yesterday.

She breathed life and movement into all of that above!

She set fire to fear!

She threw away boundaries and any and all notion of her own personal feelings or insecurities so that she could share her own story and connect people and enlighten people!

She stood up and educated the world and in her bravery she united hearts!

She is truly amazing;  for so many reasons she is amazing!  She was amazing before this video and she will always be amazing for the qualities she has that the video doesn’t even do justice or highlight!

If you have a moment today… please take the time to watch this brave young women share her story!  Watch her show you how beautiful REAL really is and how our true selves are actually more perfect than any made up perfection could possibly be!

Watch how beautiful and courageous and inspiring my friend Hannah truly is!


20 years old and she is boldly bringing awareness through social media!

20 years old and she is choosing to educate the world!  She is sitting in her room in college using her voice to connect hearts and do something that is bigger than herself when others her age are more concerned with dates and parties and summer plans!

At 18 we all knew she was something special!  We knew she would do big big things… now at 20 she is already bringing us to our knees with her open heart and her beautiful loving spirit!

This world is better because of people and woman like Hannah!  The world is better because she has always chosen to live happily and joyfully no matter what!  She has chosen strength and an open heart through all her years never letting anything get in her way!  Now she is hoping to share her heart and her joy and her spirit and bring it to others so they may live beautifully as well!



Hannah @ 18 right before leaving for college!


  1. Amazing Brooke!!!! Wow. So powerful. She’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing this!!

    • brooketuckerphoto@gmail.com says:

      Thanks Caroline! Isn’t she beautiful and isn’t she just incredible! Her strength and courage and the way I have seen her just live always happy (for the brief moments I get to see her) just really made me think of all little ways I choose to live my life! Her message is powerful and speaks about so much!

  2. Vickie fisher says:

    You are beautiful Hannah!

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