Weekend Re-cap

April 20, 2015


Happy Happy Monday Friends!  I can’t help it, I know Monday’s are probably the most dreaded day of the week!  Cue the groans and the sleepy eyes and the yawns and longing for one more weekend day… just one more!

I LOVE Monday mornings though.  I just do… it might just have something to do with the fact that our weekends are so incredibly jam packed that by Monday morning the peace and quiet that fills my house is actually refreshing!

It’s my chance to clean up our house which tends to get a bit cluttery from two crazy boys!  It’s my chance to dance around the house to loud music and sing out of tune for as loud and long as possible (to the music of my choice!)  And it’s my chance to sit in my office with the light pouring in and get to work in silence without feeling like I’m neglecting anyone or anything!

I LOVE Mondays!

I also love Mondays because it’s my chance to review the weekend and reflect!

This weekend was incredible!  I was honored to shoot a wedding for an old high school friend and man oh man ya’ll… she was STUNNING!  I actually gasped when she turned around with her hair and makeup fixed just so!  She didn’t even have her dress on yet!

I just adore this couple so much that it was a bit of a running joke between us as well as the guests and sadly enough the STAFF that goodness gracious the photographer is even crying!

I think I openly weeped this whole weekend so much that Elizabeth had to tell me to get it together girl at least 10 times!

I know I’m emotional and some people might not agree with openly crying at a wedding you are shooting… but I know this is me!  It’s who I am and for me to hold it back would be silly!  I adore Alena and John so much and their wedding day was truly something special!  I am awkward and goofy and emotional, I think it would be a disservice to them if I held any of that back!

Anyway.. Elizabeth and I had such a great weekend all together!  We adored the Clifton Inn!  It was fantastic and we were both jumping around like two kids in a candy store as we checked out the grounds to scout locations!

I’ve always said I was a beach girl and I would never live where I couldn’t get to the ocean in a matter of 20-30 minutes or an hour!

After visiting Charlottesville I might have to amend that statement!  I fell in love!

Elizabeth and I spent all day shooting the wedding on Saturday but on Sunday we took our time and got lost on Sunday, like actually and truly got lost on Sunday!

Here’s what we learned:

  • Drivers on Keswick Road are not a fan of anyone that doesn’t know where they are going or drive at a leisurely pace!  (and EB and I might have screamed once or twice in the car)
  • Breaking the rules is not something that comes naturally to us and we have a really hard time doing anything remotely close to even pushing the boundary of rule breaking, but we managed to slightly step our toes over the line once or twice
  • When Elizabeth is hungry, watch out!  There is only a short period of time to feed her or else.  That is all I’m going to say!
  • There are so many amazing places off the beaten path near Clifton Inn, Keswick Winery and such to explore and take photos!
  • I am trying to convince my husband to buy a farm out there along the road next to the Keswick winery and tasting room!
  • These personal farms look like they are each a wedding venue and we were shocked to “get lost” at one to find out it really was someone’s personal driveway!
  • I somehow stepped into some kind of poison ivy or some kind of something that I am allergic to!
  • Bloody Mary’s are delicious (it was a first time sampling one!)
  • Sometimes you just need to take a day off to enjoy a moment!  For me this meant taking my time getting home to my family (as selfish as that sounds) and sitting outside with EB, sipping a drink and enjoying a really gorgeous view!
  • Spring is my favorite time of year and new blooms are incredibly beautiful to shoot and reset the creativity button!
  • It is incredibly important to have a best friend beside you to help you get lost, explore and take silly pictures with!

I enjoyed this weekend so much for so many reasons that I just can’t express in words!

I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful friend by my side supporting me, lifting me up, and most importantly embracing the awkward moments and the silly moments with me!  EB and I have grown so much not only in photography together with each other but in our friendship!  That is so rare in a world that is often brought down by competitiveness and comparison!

We always have each other’s back!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too!  Hope you enjoyed a drink, some blooms and a good conversation just as we did!

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