Sandy Toes and Wild Ocean Air


This past Friday I had the most wonderful morning!

I had the honor of photographing one of my old friend’s from high school and his family!  I love how this “job” connects me with those that are dear to me both old and new!

I hadn’t seen him since graduation and it was so amazing to catch up with him more than 10 years later!

In fact, it was beyond amazing!

Neither one of us had really changed on the outside.  We both look exactly as we did when we were in high school, which let’s just say that’s something we have been blessed with!  I think you could say (at least I can) that we both ended up doing what we love!  We both ended up in fields that could have been easily predicted based on what we loved in high school and what we were “into” and “good at”.  I think we have both been incredibly blessed!

What was so wonderful for me though was getting to see my friend with his wife (who by the was is just incredible!) and his new son!  I was able to see the life he has built for himself and THAT was a gift that I will always treasure!

These moments.. these tiny snippets and peeks I am able to share with my families are so incredibly special!  It might seem silly  when I talk about it but ya’ll… I can’t ever express it in words how much I value each session and appreciate what a gift you guys are giving me in allowing me to take part in just a portion of your day!

I met my old friend and his family down at the beach for their son’s first beach picnic!  FIRST!  I was able to capture baby’s first smell of the wild ocean air and feel that salty breeze on his face!  I was a part of that family experience when they placed his tiny, perfect, baby toes in that warm sand!

I will never ever forget those moments!  They will always be a story on my friend’s heart and they will always be a story on my heart as well!

This is how we leave our legacy!  Your stories become OUR stories!  Your life leaves an imprint on my life and my heart!

Those stories are then told again and again and they begin to develop such a depth to them and breathe a life of their own!

Let your life breathe stories of truth and beauty and a life well lived!  A life lived in the moment with laughter and grace!  A life with passion and curiosity and adventure!  A life lived from the heart and not for perfection!

This is how my friend lives with is beautiful family!  I am beyond blessed to know him and even more blessed to have shared in some special stories that I can not wait to share when they come back again soon!


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