Weekend re-cap

April 13, 2015


Happy Monday Friends!  I can’t believe it’s already Monday morning!  This weekend really seemed to fly by!  Maybe it was because the weather was gorgeous here and we spent just about every second of the days outside!

You know what I love most about weekend re-cap posts… it’s totally off the cuff ya’ll!  I love it because I have no agenda and I can just type.  It’s a real deal chit chat and I feel like it’s kind of a conversation!  No stress, just a one on one conversation about our lives!

In the spirit of that, want to know the best part of the weekend for my boys… I lost my voice!

Yep, not even gonna play it off, I seriously think that was the absolute best part of the weekend for my husband!  I love him so much!

I’m a talker!  Ya’ll know it’s the truth!  So to have a weekend where I absolutely could not talk because even my whispering was absolutely pathetic… was probably a heavenly break for him!

This is what happened ya’ll:

Friday my “allergies” were acting up.  I’ve never had allergies before!  By Friday afternoon, I sounded like Linc will in 10 years when he hits puberty.  It was comical!

Saturday morning, I wouldn’t even dare answer my phone because I could barely even scratch out a word ya’ll and when I did… all I heard on the other end was hysterical laughing!

By Sunday…it was completely gone!  I was forced to use pen and paper and texting to communicate!

So the boys had a GREAT weekend of silence and boy talk!

We did have a wonderful weekend though!  Here are some of the things we enjoyed together:

  • We ran up to the Farmer’s Market and enjoyed their little Fair they had going on!  Linc was a super dare devil.  He loved the tea cups and what’s even more surprising, he LOVED the tilt a whirl!  We were nervous because we had to wait a super long time for the ride to begin and he usually panics when that happens.  Things were getting a little hairy at one point during our “wait time” but luckily right as he was about to throw the towel in, the ride kicked into gear.  HOLY COW that ride has some serious G forces!  Tilt a whirls a NO JOKE YA’LL!  They slam you up and down kind of and they go FAST!  I thought for sure we were going to have tears and at one point, throw up but Linc took it like a BEAST!  His poor face was an awful mix of pain and sickness but he just kept saying “THIS IS AWESOME” and afterwards asked to go on it again!!!  He also asked if he could ride the one that goes upside down.  Mommy wasn’t ready for him to tackle that one yet!
  • We had our first funnel cake experience!  Ok so I’m not a fan of sweets, but please ya’ll gimme some funnel cake!  I thought for sure Linc would adore it, but he wasn’t super impressed.  So I ate the entire thing on the walk back to the car.  More for mommy riiiight!!!!!
  • Our hammock (which is one of my most favorite things in the world) ripped last weekend when our 60lb dog decided it’s also one of her favorite things in the world too.  One day, I will write a whole post about our dog Tipper because she really doesn’t believe she’s a dog, she thinks she is a person and a really large infant at that!  When we lay on the hammock she is NOT to be excluded ya’ll.  Hence, the ripping that happened when Tuck and Linc were laying on it last weekend.  Long story short, this weekend we replaced my nice quilted hammock and all is right with the world again!  Yesterday as I was cleaning our house a bit before the church youth group came, I took a look out the window to where the boys were playing outside and spied the cutest thing in the world!  IN THE WORLD YA’LL.  The boys were both in the hammock, sprawled out in the sunshine snuggling together asleep!  Linc never rests… EVER, so to see him snuggled up (in just his undies by the way) which his daddy in the sunshine and swaying in the breeze… it melted my little mommy heart.  So of course I snapped a few pictures!  Then Tipper caught me and decided she needed to be included in the photo op to and photo bombed trying to climb in and woke everyone up!


That was pretty much our weekend!  How was yours?  I hope you were outside enjoying the beautiful weather!  These days make my heart just soar!  I am definitely a lover of the sun and warm air.  I know everyone is, but I just never knew how much the weather could change my mood and happiness!  How sad is that?!  Tell me I’m not alone!

In other news:  BIG THINGS happening in Brooke Tucker Photography!  BIG THINGS for big and amazing clients and family!  I say family because I hope you all know that WHEN you step in front of my camera you BECOME my family! You BECOME a member of BT family!  ALWAYS!  Because of this, it is for a lifetime and I intend to treat you as family!

So please be on the look out for some pretty lovely things from now one!

I love every person that has had the trust and the faith and the courage to put their hearts and their stories in my hands and in in front of my lens~!

Here are my hearts… just a few snap shots (i phone) from our weekend!  If you follow me on instagram you have already seen the first!  If not.. follow me now friends!  p.s. I would totally put the hammock pictures on there but Linc is in his skivvies and well, I’m sure my mom would agree that it might not be completely appropriate for the world wide web at his age!

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