Emily, Preston and I met when we were in birthing class together!  I can’t imagine our lives without Emily, Preston and Clover!  These three are the most amazing, beautiful and caring individuals I have ever met and they all enhance our lives so greatly it would be impossible to describe!

They enhance everyone’s lives!  There isn’t a person these three(now four) don’t meet that they don’t change for the better!

When Emily told me she was going to have another little one, I was over the moon for this family!  When they asked me to capture their gender reveal, I flipped out more than they did when those pink confetti streamers flew… but when Emily came and asked if I would capture Loda’s birth… I knew I would never forget it!

So Dear sweet Loda:  Welcome to the world!  I’m sharing your story almost a year later because I could never find the words to express just how utterly amazing your birth truly was!

If I could tell you anything beautiful Loda it would be that the amount of love in your room that morning was so powerful it could actually be physically felt!  If I could tell you anything about your mother it would be that she is so incredibly strong and not in a way that you could ever explain in words.  She has a strength that comes deep from within and is rooted in the love and grace and unconditional appreciation she has for everyone and everything! If I could only give you a glimpse of your father on this incredible day and the way they he so perfectly and so humbly supported your mother and loved her and lifted her up with all that he is!  If I could just give you a piece of their incredible relationship and partnership that is truly one of a kind!

I wish I had the words lovely Loda, but since I don’t and I could never explain it just so, I hope you can see all that love and excitement and trust and hope that I witnessed and felt that morning you arrived!

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