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I’m soo beyond excited this morning because Lauren and Sean’s Surf the Dress session was chosen to be featured on the Two Bright Lights Blog!

I know it may sound weird, but I get giddily excited when sessions are chosen to be featured: not because my work is being featured (although that is super amazing and I’m ever so grateful for that!)  I get super excited for my clients and friends and I’m just especially excited for Lauren and Sean this morning!

You all:  my couples and my families… are sooooo fuuuun!!!!  I know a million photographers say this (all the time!)  But my clients are truly and honestly (hands down) the most FUN and the most beautifully spirited and soulful people!  When I get the chance to show how beautiful they are to the world… oooh boy!

This session was totally spur of the moment and so completely unique!  These two are complete lovers of the ocean.. truly!  If they could build a house under the water, they would!  They met as life guards (in and around the water), they spent most of their courtship in and around the water.  Sean proposed to Lauren as she glided to the shore on a paddle board while he waited on bent knee!  They were married on the beach!  It was only fitting that these two best friends and adventure seekers come together for a session like this!  Bonus:  Lauren is kind of amazing to get in the ocean in her Watters Wedding Dress, but to surf in it… that is crazy hard!

Now.. to have their story and their infectious love, not only for each other but also for the beach and for adventure, shared with others to see… it truly makes my heart burst!

I am eternally grateful to Ragan and the team from Two Bright Lights!  I can’t thank them enough for choosing this session!

You can check out their feature here…

But here’s a little sneak peek reminder… in case you  missed it the first go around!

Congratulations to Lauren and Sean! Thank you both for being so adventurous and fun loving and willing to just GO!

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