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I’ve been holding off on posting my goals this year for 2015.

Let me just throw this out there… there is nothing special about January 1!  Ok?!  Let me just get that off my chest!

Ok… so there might be in terms of deployments or birthday’s or things like that!

In terms of goals though… why do we emphasize January 1?!  You can start whenever you want!  Change happens when you decide you are ready and you make up your mind to make things change!

So this is why I’m holding off on my goals a little bit.

This year feels different to me!  I don’t know why… but it feels bigger!  I feel like there is more in store for me and for my business than just making business goals, publishing goals!

I’ve had stirrings!  (I know that sounds funny) but it’s the truth!

I honestly feel like God is calling to me to do something more… I just don’t know what that is yet!

Last year was a rough year.  A really rough year.  I was dreading January last year in a big way.  Tuck deployed and although I’ve touched on it, I’ve never really shared how truly hard it was for me.

I’m not a very strong person.  There are times when I can be strong.  I can be physically strong when it comes to pain or needing to push through to get a job done.  Emotionally strong though is something that can come and go with me.

Last year I was not in a place where I would call myself emotionally strong!

I ended up getting there eventually, but with the help of many many people and lots of encouragement!  I had to completely break down first before picking myself back up and getting to a point where I used to be:  independent and capable.

Why is this important?!

So much of what I learned last year has changed who I am this year.  It’s changed who I am in my business this year!

It’s why I feel this stirring to do more!  It’s why I keep putting my pen to paper and then placing it back down when I think about writing my goals for 2015!

There are things I want to do, basic things:  Work on providing a solid client incentive program, packaging and branding, continue to update the website more often, and blog more!

But there is this other huge piece that has a need to do more!

I have this desire to educate!  I want to mentor!  I want to start a non-profit!

Basically I want to give back but in a really big way.

I’m not quite sure how yet.  I’m researching a lot of things and my notebooks and journals are filled to the brim with scribbles and ideas and thoughts that are just all over the place.

I just know that this year will be a big year for me in a way that comes straight from my heart!

Eventually, I will sort it all out.

I know it will all come together. But I can feel it in my heart… 2015 is my year to give back!

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