Awesomely Awkward Moments

January 6, 2015


This past holiday season has been super crazy!  Why is it that once we become adults all of a sudden time just seems to fly right by us?!

I feel like once you become a parent, it’s even faster, but in this really odd way.  One minute it just seems like the hours are dragging on yet at the same time even though it feels like it’s the same day you check the calendar and it’s an entire month later!  Does this even remotely sound familiar to anyone?!

I am still having a hard time believe it’s already January!  Our little family has had some pretty crazy moments over here lately… both awesome and awkward ones!  We tend to usually be a little more awkward than others but sometimes our awkward moments are the ones we love the best.  I think that’s part of the reason Tuck fell in love with me… because I am so lovingly awkward and goofy!  Great thing Linc is also just the same adorably weirdly awkward person like his mama!  Oh the poor girl that falls in love with him!


  • Linc still talking about how “the magic happened!”  Every. Single. Day.  To multiple people, anywhere and everywhere.  It doesn’t matter who you are, or where we are.  If you look friendly enough or open enough to receive his magical message, he will tell you all about the magic that happened at our house over the holidays.  His best re-tellings are in the grocery store, with his hands full of the grape bag spoils!
  • Our carpet cleaner that we bought!  It’s no joke, it’s a legit carpet cleaner machine and I love it so.  It’s not a product, it’s a full on plug into a wall and suck up, wet it down clean the carpets machine!  It may not be exciting to you out there on the web right now, but when you have a toddler that LOVES smashing his goldfish crackers into cookie monster’s open mouth and forcing him to munch those little fish, it’s a genius!  Plus Linc can jump in some puddles like no other and his rain boots are his favorite little shoes right now so that cleaner is a mud buster!  I’m super stoked on it and you better believe it makes me happy!
  • Tuck has some exciting things going on right in his world!  Things we’ve been thinking really hard about and praying about.  We are still working on some things but for right now, we are just excited to see some pretty nice developments and think of possibilities!  (I know I know it’s a little secretive and cryptic!)
  • 2015 photography season is already booking and that’s AMAZING!  Mind. Blown!  BOOM!
  • Potty training!  And the fact that daddy is rocking the training out like a rock star!!!  Tuck has fully taken this on and I have to say, he’s been fantastic.  I give him ALL the credit for this huge milestone in our lives!  Well that and the fact that all of a sudden one day Linc decided he wanted to wear his “undaweahs” and that was that!
  • Potty training and rain boots!  Enough said!  That’s it.  Some days it’s all we wear (and all we do!)  We might wear a shirt, but that’s pressing it!


  • Linc likes to get out of his bed at night and this is a new development.  We don’t even make it a few feet when we hear him jump out of his little bed, flip the light on and start moving all his friends and blankets to the corner of his door.  He likes to make a little nest in the nook of his door jam and then fall asleep there.  It was really cute at first, and Tuck and I started to wait it out and then go upstairs (snap a quick pic to document his cuteness) and then scoop him back into bed.  Now it’s a bit awkward because we are wondering why he likes to do this!  It’s every. single. time!  If you follow us on instagram, you will see his nightly pictures there.  It’s really cute but I think people are going to start to wonder if he has a bed at all!  (Which he does and it’s awesome!  It’s a dune buggy guys!)
  • Potty training!   Ok so it is awesome and Linc is really good at it!  What’s awkward is having to bring the little “to go” potty everywhere we go right now.  He’s super particular about his toilets!  If you happen to be going out with me probably this next month or so, just be warned that there will be a small portable toilet in the back of my car!  Could be helpful on a photography session!  “You never know when you could have the go…” isn’t that the saying?
  • SO also on the potty training front:  the small toilet in the center of our living room!  If you aren’t around little ones, that could be a bit awkward for you.  That and our stripper toddler right now!  Boys will be boys!  He’s not scared!
  • When you are in the grocery store and your toddler tells the nice elderly lady next to you that “mommy can’t sing!”  Yep!  That happened!  And the next sentence… “Mommy does big tooties!”  Ohhh the mouth of babes!

I’ll just leave you with that last one there!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

TOMORROW:  BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!    Be sure to check the blog tomorrow for a big announcement!  If you are a family, you will definitely be interested… trust me!!!!


Hey…we love our awkwardness over here!  Thank you Elizabeth Friske for always capturing us for who we are!  We love ALL our moments… the good, the awkward and the pee pants ones!  Some families are naturally gorgeous and tender and loving and beautiful.  Our family:  we’re weird, an awkward and a bunch of crazies.  Just ask Linc!  But that’s why we all fit together so well!

Love who you are… embrace who you are and let it shine!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Love you and your awkwardness!! This time it was the pee pee pants dance and last time was the no pants dance! Xo!

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