2014 Year in Review: Children and Families


I can’t even begin to explain or express how grateful I am to all the families that trusted me with their extremely precious memories this year!

I was a bit nervous when I decided this was the year I was choosing to follow my heart and focus my business on mainly children and family sessions.  I have been blessed in more ways than I could ever imagine with some truly incredible clients.  Clients that have become friends and feel like extended family!

2014 was a wonderful adventure and these images that follow are images that I’m incredibly proud of!  They are images that truly make me smile and fill my heart with complete joy.  These are the images that speak to me in a way that words could never do.  They are the images that remind me that my dream of being able to photograph children and family portraits actually can be a reality.  That it can be my job and that I am one lucky girl.

These images remind me every time I look at them of the grace and faith and trust that these wonderfully amazing families give to me freely!

They inspire me and keep me moving forward!

Thank you for helping me realize my dreams!

Here’s to another wonderful adventure of a year in 2015!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all of my soul!

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