The Christmas Magic


When I was little Christmas was always the best time of year;  and not just because of the presents or even because of Santa.  Our house always seemed to be filled with a little bit of magic and extra Christmas spirit.

My mom always made the holidays something extra special.  She was super creative and always instilled in us a sense of giving, providing joy for everyone around us, and that magic takes on all shapes and forms!  I want to be that kind of mother to Linc.  The kind of mother that creates traditions and little special extra oomphs that last years beyond!  The kinds of whimsy that is talked about well into adult hood and passed down generation after generation.

This year Linc is 2 and he is really starting to understand more and more about the holidays.  We knew this year was going to be fun… but boy, he blew us away!

I taught Linc about all the Christmas magic this year.  If you follow me on Facebook… you saw our video with the spiderman sheets and briefly heard my explanation there.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it because not only will it give you a good laugh (at my hubs disappointment) but hearing Linc talk about the magic in his little toddler voice… I melt!

As grinchy as I felt for some odd reason… Linc really did pick up on all the magic and the wonder!  He understood all about Christmas eve night and on Christmas morning he just couldn’t get over how much magic there was!  He told everyone about the Christmas magic and he was such an incredibly grateful and amazed little boy!

There is nothing in this world that is better than seeing the world through a child’s eyes… but your own child’s eyes… wow!

He gives me so much meaning and brings my heart so much joy!

Here are a few little pictures of our holiday moments (and magic).  I took a little break from taking pictures so I could be more present in the moment!  Sometimes you need to step away so you can appreciate what your gift can bring you!

(we always host a Christmas eve brunch with my girlfriends!  I’ve known these girls since I was little… like first grade little.  It’s kind of awesome that we can get together and raise our boys together.  Boys that are 1 year apart!)

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