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I’ve been super blessed this year with some amazing family mini sessions and holiday sessions!  It’s been super hard for me to keep them under wraps while they all are creating their family holiday cards and working their holiday surprises for their own families!

I’m super excited to share this very special session though, even if it’s just a few!  I met Ashley in high school and she’s one of those people that is really dear to my heart!  Ashley is quiet and reserved on the outside.  When you first meet her, she’s laid back and soft spoken.  She’s a wonderful listener and the kind of person that when she does speak up it’s incredibly meaningful and spoken directly from the heart!

Once you do get to know her really well… you realize she is actually pretty goofy and outgoing!  She may come across at first as reserved, but honestly she is really anything BUT reserved!  She’s one of the most fun girls I grew up with and I cherish our days of Applebee’s dates and the nights I spent with both our Ashley’s and our Sarah’s and Jessica’s!

Ashley married her college sweetheart and they now have two of the cutest wee ones EVER!  I love being able to see them when they come in town to visit!

I especially loved having them in front of my camera this time!  I loved seeing how much A has grown and changed! She is such a big girl now… a little lady really and I love that she reminds me of Ash.  She can be that quiet and reserved at first meeting but then blow you away with how silly and spontaneous and care free she can be when she decides to let you see that side!

I also loved meeting C, a man after my own heart and Linc’s too!  If only they lived closer:  he and Linc would be sure to be double trouble BFF’s!

Here are just a few of my favorite images from their session!  Just a few as to not spoil the holiday surprise for anyone 😉

  1. Ashley says:

    You are amazing! Your pictures, your words, YOU! We had a great time and that’s because of you. And we LOVE the pictures!

  2. Sarah says:

    I LOVE this! It is so great to see both you, Brooke, and Ashley thriving in your abundant, loving, and happy lives. I love the shout out to our high school days! I miss you both!

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