Lauren and Sean Part 2 (A bride and a her Fire Fighter!)


Ok… so in my opinion, it’s pretty hard to beat Lauren and Sean’s wedding and first look on the beach!  They are just soo much fun and so in love (and so incredibly laid back) that those moments will forever stay in my heart.  BUT… I am equally excited about this second part of their first look because it includes a fire truck!  YES… a FIRE TRUCK!  How cool is that!!!  Plus the story behind the fire truck still makes me smile and giggle a little because it was kind of a tale of who’s on first for a little while involving a back hoe and me driving Sean’s big manly truck back and forth through a parking lot!  SOOO much fun for me!

We initially decided the first look on the beach should be near the fishing pier at little island and we sent Sean down.  We scheduled the fire truck to meet us about 45 minutes after the initial tap on the shoulder right in the parking lot in front of where we would be shooting.

Sadly once our groom was set in place and the first few pictures started to happen, a fellow in a back hoe started driving up and down the walk way.  My second shooters Emily and Victoria asked him politely if he wouldn’t mind just pausing a bit when the bride walked down but it just wasn’t in the cards for us.  So unaware of what was going on… Lauren and I are walking towards Sean (in the wind) while our groom is trying to come up with an alternate plan!  Since the back hoe was driving right through all of our images, we decided to move further down the beach and in between the dunes!  Change of plans… I stealthily stashed Lauren in Sean’s manly truck, stole the keys and drove her to the new location!

What we didn’t know was that Sean had already taken care of the fire truck and it was also headed down to the new location.  We just thought we would all hop in the car and drive back down.

So the first look was gorgeous!  All worked out perfectly and we even had some time to get the bridal party pictures done as well!  We started to hop back in the car when Sean told us the fire truck was heading to this side!  Except there was no truck!

Long story short… we ended up hopping back in the truck (bride in the back, bridesmaid on the lap) groomsmen in the bed of the truck and I drove us back to the original location where the truck was just pulling in!

Lauren and Sean are such naturals!  You could try posing them… but they just don’t pose!  They have a beautiful, natural way about them that just WORKS!  I love everything about this part of the day!  I love how they interacted with each other and I love how much fun they had just playing around!

Enjoy part two of their first look!

These two below… probably among my favorites of the entire day!  Lauren… you are too gorgeous for words!!!

LOVE IT!!!!  I mean… really!!!

  1. Sharon K Barrows says:

    Really. …these photos are amazingly beautiful as is the Bride and her leading man. The story written and shared by this incredibly talented photographer is fabulous as well.

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