Take Better Pictures of Your Kids: Ask Anything


Birthday exhaustion has set in for this whole family!  Yesterday was an amazing day and as I sat down and went through all the images I have of Linc throughout these first years, it just makes me realize how time flies by so incredibly fast!  DL3A2512

It also makes me realize how grateful I am to really understand my camera and have it on hand day in and day out!  I feel blessed to be able to have this gift to share with my family!  Sometimes my family thinks I’m  nuts with my camera attached to my hand and the constant click click click sound; but honestly I love being able to fill up almost an entire hard drive of just my own family images!  I love that I can look back on all the days events that during the year seem just mundane and every day but at the end of that year seem overwhelming and kind of huge!

It’s a huge blessing to be able to take pictures of your family and keep that record of your history!

So today… I want to know what it is that YOU want to know!

I want to know what is it that you are wondering when it comes to taking better pictures of your own family!

Ask me Anything!!!

Leave a comment and ask me anything and these will be my inspirations for my next blog posts this month on this series!

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to truly capture our children and our family in their moments:  the real moments behind closed doors!  Sometimes only a family member can get just those moments that are so dear and so special!

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